Sunday 24 March 2019
2019 -
K Special: Josefin Nilsson Älska mig för den jag är
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Thursday 14 March 2019
- me Convention
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2019 - SXSW Conference and Festivals 
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Sunday 10 March 2019
1989 -
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2019 - Mamma Mia! The Party Promotion
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Tuesday 26 February 2019
- Hymyilevä prinsessa Frida
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Thursday 10 January 2019
1976 -
The Basil Brush Show

Tuesday 1 January 2019 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Thursday 27 December 2018
1976 - Det låg ett skimmer över Gustafs dagar
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Wednesday 21 November 2018
SURPRISE!  I bet you didn't expect it!
Welcome to a new and updated version of ABBA on TV which has taken months and months of hard work.  There will be teething problems but hopefully not too many.  Please note that the site is not entirely finished (especially 2009 and 2014, plus very huge entries like ABBA - The Movie).  Please be patient as I try to find the time to work on them. I hope you will like the improvements.