Seis - Stop! (BJÖRN)

Filmed: Monday 1 February 1965

Location: Finland

Broadcast: Saturday 6 February 1965, YLE, Finland

Release status: Unreleased

Shown in: Finland

Additional information

Season 1, Episode 2.

Seis-Stop! was a 60 minute music series broadcast on YLE in 1965.  

The Hootenanny Singers made a TV appearance in whilst in Finland.  It is not known what they performed.

This episode is not archived and does not exist in YLE's archive.  There are only two programmes in YLE's archives from this series.

This episode's credited cast:

  1. Poppe Berg - host
  2. Marjatta Leppänen - host
  3. L T Salmi - host
  4. Tamara Lund
  5. Matty Peters
  6. Rami Sarmasto
  7. The Hootenanny Singers

Director was Heikki Seppälä.


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Thanks to Carl Magnus Palm, Marc van der Steen and Jozsef.

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