Affären Ramel (BENNY)

Filmed: Wednesday 22 or Friday 24 September 1986

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Broadcast: Friday 31 October 1986, 20:00-21:00, SVT2, Sweden

Release status: Unreleased

Duration: 4:33 for Benny segment

Shown in: Sweden

Additional information

Affären Ramel = The Ramel Shop

Povel Ramel was a Swedish singer, pianist, vaudeville artist, author and songwriter.  This programme was a series originally broadcast on SVT in the autumn of 1986.

Ramels Delikatesser was the title of Povel Ramel’s 9-LP box set (a compilation of songs by Povel Ramel) released in 1986 to coincide with the 1986 autobiographical TV series Affären Ramel (The Ramel Business).

Ramels Delikatesser
 was also the name of the general store where Benny appeared in a comedy sketch with Povel Ramel and two "shop staff".

It turns out - and this is a true story - that on 23 September 1940, Povel Ramel, under the name of Povel Ramels Bullerdogs, recorded a self-written song entitled Benny Andersson's kapell (The Benny Andersson Band). This was six years before the "real" Benny Andersson was born!

It was a private recording on a scratchy lacquer disc. In the programme heard a bit of the original recording, which then segued into a modern treatment by Michael B. Tretows Tidsmaskin (Michael B. Tretow's Time Machine). While this was being played, footage of Michael and Benny in the Polar Music Studio was seen.

The following appeared in the sketch:

  1. Povel Ramel
  2. Carl Magnus Dellow
  3. Lotta Ramel
  4. Johan Ulveson (who would star in Benny and Björn's musical Hjälp Sökes in 2013) 
  5. Mikael Ramel
  6. Michael B. Tretow in the Polar Music studio.

That special version of Benny Anderssons kapell - the original lacquer disc recording and the segue into Michael Tretow's modernised version - was released on the vinyl box set in 1986. It's on the last disc in the box set. The original/Tretow recording has never been released on CD (although the original recording, without Tretow's modernised bit, was a few years ago).

Click here for a cutting from Grimstad Adressetidende – 30 October 1986, p.19.

Release information:
The Benny segment was available on SVT’s Öppet Arkiv but has since been removed.




  1. One of the shop "staff", Johan Ulveson, when Benny enters the shop, he exclaims, "Benny Ulvaeus!"
  2. See Michael B Tretow and Benny fall off their chairs at the end of the song!

Thanks to Michael Price, Jozsef, Uwe Meyer and Carl Magnus Palm.
YouTube link c/o inomadi100

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