Popsjop-TV (BJÖRN)

Filmed: March 1986

Location: Galaxy (disco), den Bosch, Netherlands

Broadcast: Tuesday 25 March 1986, 17:46-18:25, NCRV, Netherlands

Release status: Unreleased

Duration: Entire show 39:35, Gemini song 4:08

Shown in: The Netherlands

Additional information

Popsjop-TV = Pop shop-TV

was a music & dance series which was broadcast on channel NCRV from 5 October 1984 to 20 May 1986 and consisted 32 episodes.

Episode 28 was hosted by Jaap de Groot.

Björn appeared as a backing vocalist to Gemini who performed Just Like That.  The other two 'backing vocalists' were from the Dutch group Doris D and the Pins.

Running order for this edition:

  1. Paul Hardcastle & Carol Kenyan - Don't Waste My Time
  2. Culture Club - Move Away (video clip)
  3. Pal - Talk We Don't
  4. The Rolling Stones - Harlem Shuffle (video clip)
  5. Den Harrow - Bad Boy
  6. Dance competition
  7. Frank Affolter - The Way To Love
  8. Whitney Houston - How Will I Know (video clip)
  9. Gemini - Just Like That
  10. Jermaine Jackson - I Think It's Love

Click here for a TV listing from Limburgsch dagblad - 25 March 1986, p.8.

Archive data from Beeld en Geluid:
DOCID: 82134
COLLECTIE: Televisie Programma
UITZENDDATUM: 1986-03-25
BEGIN-EINDTIJD: 00:02:00 - 00:41:34
V22536 {VHS}
SAMENVATTING: Muziekprogramma vanuit discotheek Galaxy in Den Bosch met
studio-optredens en videoclips van popartiesten, overzichten
van de Euro Top Tien en de LP Top 3 en de rock 'n' roll
danskampioenschappen. Presentatie: Jaap de Groot.
GENRE: muziekprogramma
TREFWOORDEN: popmuziek; videoclips
MAKER-FUNCTIE: Groot, Jaap de {presentatie}
Winkelman, Jessy {redactie}
ea {redactie}
TECHN-GEGEVENS: Materiaal: Kleur
02:39 Paul Hardcastle & Carol Kenyan: "Don't waste my time";
10:12 Pal: "Talk we don't";
16:51 Den Harrow: "Bad boy";
23:53 Frank Affolter: "The way to love";
33:24 Gemini, met ex-Abba lid Bjorn Ulvaeus: "Just like that".
06:08 Culture Club: "Move away";
13:14 The Rolling Stones: "Harlem shuffle";
28:51 Whitney Houston "How will I know";
37:46 Jermaine Jackson: "I think it's love".
19:52 Rock-'n'-roll danskampioenschappen.
TREFWOORDEN: dansen; rock-'n-roll
PERSOONSNAMEN: Affolter, Frank; Houston, Whitney; Jackson, Jermaine
NAMEN: Culture Club; Rolling Stones

Thanks to Henk, Richard Sikkens, Paul Neilson and Jozsef.
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