Här är ditt liv! (BENNY & BJÖRN)

Filmed: Saturday 18 January 1986

Location: Malmö, Sweden

Broadcast: Saturday 18 January 1986, LIVE, 19:30-21:00, SVT1, Sweden

Release status: Unreleased

Duration: 1:29:23

Shown in: Sweden

Additional information

Här är ditt liv = This Is Your Life

Här är ditt liv, the Swedish This is Your Life, was a series on SVT between 11 January 1980 and 12 September 2009. Between 1980-1991 it was produced from Malmö and each episode was 90 minutes long.

Stig Anderson was the guest on 18 January 1986 and ABBA's performance of Tivedshambo, recorded a couple of days beforehand, was shown.

Guests on the programme included:

  1. Gudrun (Stig's wife)
  2. John Spalding (Head of Bocu Music, UK publisher of ABBA's catalogue)
  3. Svenne & Lotta
  4. Lukas Bonnier (Swedish publisher)
  5. Görel Hanser
  6. Lena Andersson
  7. Bobbys orkester
  8. Boo Kinntorph (Head of amusement park Liseberg)
  9. Lill-Babs sent a recorded message.

Björn and Benny hastily flew to appear on the show in person.

The show's presenter was Lasse Holmqvist.

Click here for a cutting from Grimstad Adressetidende – 18 January 1986, p.15.

Release information:
The whole show can be seen via SVT's Open Archive (but probably only in Sweden)


Archive data from Swedish Media Database:
SVT, TV1 1986-01-18
Fullständig tablå
19.30 Här är ditt liv
Tablåinnehåll TVB86-1014
År/datum 1986-01-18
Kanal SVT1
Utgivning Stockholm : SVT, TV1
Utgivningsland Sverige
VHS TV86-1377
MPEG-2 YA_TV86-1377
1 tum B LP TVB86-1013
1 tum B LP TVB86-1014
MPEG-1 ZS_svt_svt1_1986-01-18

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