Humorgalan (BJÖRN)

Filmed: Late April 2012

Location: Stockholm, Sweden (assumption)

Broadcast: Tuesday 1 May 2012, TV4, Sweden

Release status: Unreleased

Shown in: Sweden

Additional information

Humorgalan = "Mood gala" or "Humor Gala"

In this comedy sketch taking off The Voice: Sverige (Swedish version of The Voice), David Hellenius, Eva Röses, Mark Levengood and Liza Marklund individually sing to the back of a chair which doesn't move. 

After the final female host sings Thank You For The Music, the chair turns round to reveal Björn.  He says that he wants to have her with him. Then the others 'acts' turn  around and want to leave the stage.

Björn asks them: "Where are you going"?
They say: "Home"
Björn: "No, you were fantastic. All of you must also be involved. The problem was, that I didn't know how to turn around the chair!".

Björn talks about Chiquitita and ABBA's UNICEF performance and a brief clip is shown.

The hosts then perform Chiquitita in front of a live audience.

See it here: Humorgalans programledare sjunger Abbas Chiquitita (

Note the the YouTube video is blocked in some countries (nothing I can do about that, sorry!).




Thanks to Erik Liebstaedter and Jan Bach.

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