Filmed: November 1981

Location: Sweden

Broadcast: Wednesday 11 November 1981, 19.30-20:00, Sweden

Release status: Unreleased

Duration: 30 minutes (programme)

Shown in: Sweden

Additional information

Agnetha and Frida received an award on behalf of ABBA for Super Trouper from the Royal Music Academy and the magazine Musikrevy.

It was the fifth year in a row that the award had been handed out to the ten best LPs of the year.

They sang the song Mårten gås, from the day when geese are traditionally eaten in Sweden.

Archive data from Swedish Media Database:
SVT, TV2 1981-11-11
19:30:00-20:01:30 Rapport med väder
År/datum 1981-11-11
Kanal SVT2
Utgivning Stockholm : SVT, TV2
Utgivningsland Sverige
Originalsystem VCR
Leverantör SVT
Digital Betacam TVK01-1131
MPEG-4 YA_TVK01-1131
MPEG-1 ZS_svt_svt2_1981-11-11

Thanks to Robin Andersson and the ABBA Magazine.

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