Filmed: early December 1976

Location: Polar Music offices, Baldersgatan, Stockholm, Sweden

Broadcast: Saturday 25 December 1976, SVT, Sweden

Release status: See below

Duration: 6:28

Shown in: Sweden

Additional information

ABBA were interviewed around a table at their offices in Stockholm and asked about their success all over the world in three short years. One of the interviewers was British DJ Richard Skinner who was interviewing them on behalf of American radio. Stig Anderson was also interviewed and listed sales volumes country by country (including over 800,000 for Arrival in Australia).

ABBA also model the Keep Australia Beautiful t-shirts for the Australian Keep Australia Beautiful campaign. They were photographed in the Polar offices by Bengt H. Malmqvist (who died in 2008).

The TV advert didn't feature ABBA live/moving at all, it was just the shot taken in the Stockholm offices with a voice over saying, "ABBA support Keep Australia Beautiful and know that those of you who love your country will do the same".  The advert had Tropical Loveland playing underneath. This segment was aired on Channel 10 in Australia.

They are also seen giving voice samples to accompany the ABBA cartoon project that was in its infancy (and never got further than Happy Hawaii and Money, Money, Money.) During the report, we see a handful of stills from this project.

Benny & Björn were shown playing piano and guitar respectively at the beginning and end of the report. Firstly, they played Jingle Bells and they ended with a snippet of a brand new song called Thank You For The Music.

Extra scenes not included in this Rapport piece, were included in the Japanese programme Ohayo 700 where they were interviewed by the Ohayo 700 reporter Bosse. In that report, Bosse handed over the score of the Ohayo 700 theme tune and Agnetha and Frida tried to sing it in Japanese and Björn and Benny tried to play it.

A small part of this report was briefly used on Channel 10, Australia and a small part was also briefly used in ABBAMania 2, ITV2, December 2004, UK

This clip has been released officially on the CD/DVD Arrival Deluxe Edition.

Archive data from the Swedish database:

Grupp/institution ABBA (medverkande)
År/datum 1976-12-25
Produktionsnummer 70-76 1052
Speltid 7 min.
VHS T94-0094
Antal enheter 1
Ljud Stereo, färg
Arkivnummer T94-0094
MPEG-1 ZS_T94-0094
Filbeskrivning 1,5 Mbit/s, MPEG-1 layer 2, 48 kHz, 128 kbit/s
Arkivnummer ZS_T94-0094

Thanks to Rod Kirkman, Ian Cole, Jeff Chandler, Julie Rickwood, Sam Shervz, Jozsef, Reiko, Mayumi Taheri and Robin Andersson.
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