Filmed: Saturday 6 - Sunday 7 May 1978

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Broadcast: 9 May 1978, 19.30-20.00, SVT, Sweden (see below)

Duration: 4:13

Shown in: Sweden

Additional information

Report on ABBA's USA business and efforts to breakthrough on the USA market. The reporter, Knut Ståhlberg, mainly talks about money. The report starts off with footage of the big billboard on Sunset Strip being erected and then rehearsals from Olivia! programme and then a very short interview where Agnetha is clearly annoyed about the constant talk about money.

The report features them preparing forthe Olivia! show and announces that they are about to to "seriously released" for the first time in the US. "The songs are uplifting and leave a smile on your face," says a rep fro Scotti Brotheres, PR Manager for ABBA in the USA.

This Rapport story was also broadcast on 9 May 1978, DR2, Denmark (and possibly Norway as well?).

A little bit of the Olivia! rehearsal footage was included in The Story of ABBA (1982).

Translation of the ABBA interview only:

Those who writes about this, have forgotten where it once started, and that the money never would have appeared, if we hadn't been creative. What it is all about for me and for all of us (the group) is, we are four ordinary people, who works with something we succeeded with and that we love dearly.

Agnetha: We also have feelings and... get hurt every single time, they only want to talk about money, because we're proud of what we do.  That's what we like to manifest and like to talk about... not money.

Archive data from Swedish Media Database:

Rapport. Inslag 1-9 av 9
Stockholm : SR, TV2, 1978-05-09 19.30-20.00
Personer Nilsson, Tönu (reporter)
Odlander, Ingemar (reporter)
Ståhlberg, Knut (reporter)
Christoffersson, Lennart (medverkande)
Lidbom, Carl (medverkande)
Fälldin, Thorbjörn , 1926- (medverkande)
Moro, Aldo (medverkande)
Edström, Ralf (medverkande)
År/datum 1978-05-09 19.30-20.00
Kanal SVT2
Utgivning Stockholm : SR, TV2
Utgivningsland Sverige
Originalets nummer 70-77/1019
Leverantör SVT TVARK
MPEG-1 XA_TF07-0060
Ljud mono
Färg färg och svartvit
Filbeskrivning 1,5 Mbit/s, MPEG-1 layer 2, 48 kHz, 128 kbit/s
Arkivnummer XA_TF07-0060

Thanks to Sam Shervz, Malin Westerberg, Trijnie Dijkema, Abel & Betsa, Dean Morrison, Robin Andersson, Petri Kaasalainen, Jan Bach and ABBF Magazine #83 (June 2005).
YouTube link c/o Stephen Layton

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