No Hay a Quien Culpar PROMO

Filmed: Friday 27 November 1981

Location: Filmbolaget Studios, Stockholm, Sweden

Duration: 3:12

Shown in: Spanish-speaking territories

Additional information

Spanish version of When All Is Said And Done.

New footage of Agnetha and Frida only (ie. not Benny and Björn), and wearing the same outfits as the When All Is Said And Done PROMO, this was apparently filmed on the same day as the group shots for the One of Us PROMO.  This new footage was inter-woven with the already-filmed (non-singing) footage from the When All Is Said And Done PROMO filmed in August 1981 which explains why Frida's hair is both long and short in this PROMO.

Note also that Agnetha and Frida do not share the screen in this PROMO - like they do in the English version (although that was a split screen of course). Also that we never see all four ABBA members in the same shot at any point in the PROMO.

You can compare the When All Is Said And Done PROMO with the Spanish version No Hay A Quien Culpar in the VIDEO tab here.

All of ABBA's PROMO clips were filmed with 16mm cameras.

At the time of release, this PROMO was offered to TV stations for SEK 1,000.

Frida also wore the green 'ornate' dress in:
Lite Grand i örat (3 of 4)
When All Is Said And Done PROMO
No Hay A Quien Culpar PROMO
Die aktuelle Schaubude

Lyrics available on the Official ABBA site

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