Lite Grand i örat (3 of 4)

Filmed: Tuesday 25 August 1981

Location: Spegelsalen, Grand Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden

Broadcast: Friday 2 October 1981

Release status: Parts released on Frida box set - see below

Duration: 60 minutes

Shown in: Sweden

Additional information

Lite Grand i örat was a play on words as the show was taped at The Grand Hotel and loosely translated is "A Little Something For The Ear".

Frida and Claes af Geijerstam presented four weekly variety shows which were screened from 18 September 1981. 

Claes and Frida started each show with the song Let's Get This Show On The Road.

Show 3 of 4.

Guests: Diana Nunez, Kikki Danielsson, Peter Lundblad, The Radio, Golden Skate Rollers.

Musical Director: Anders Eljas. 
Choreography: Graham Tainton
Musicians: Lasse Wellander;  Chino Mariano; Rutger Gunnarsson; Per Lindvall; Åke Sundqvist; Nils Landgren; Jan Kohlin; Ulf Andersson; Hans Arktoft and Anders Neglin.

Songs featured (Frida's involvement in brackets):

  1. Let's Get This Show on The Road" (with Claes af Geijerstam)
  2. Higher Ground (by Stevie Wonder) (with Diana Nunez)
  3. Kikki Danielsson Här är jag igen - a cover of Dolly Parton's song Here You Come Again
  4. Diana Nunez and Peter Lundblad - I (Who Have Nothing)
  5. Beatles Medley:
    1. Got To Get You Into My Life (joint lead and backing vocals)
    2. Good Day Sunshine (joint lead and backing vocals)
    3. Back in the USSR (joint lead and backing vocals)
    4. You Never Give Me Your Money (joint lead and backing vocals)
    5. We Can Work It Out (joint lead and backing vocals)
    6. It's Been a Hard Day's Night (joint lead and backing vocals)
    7. Day Tripper (joint lead and backing vocals)
    8. She Loves You (joint lead and backing vocals)
  6. Hair Medley:
    1. I Got Life 
    2. Aquarius (joint lead and backing vocals)
    3. Let The Sun Shine In (joint lead and backing vocals)
    4. The Flesh Failures

For the Hair Medley, Frida wore the green dress she later wore for the When All Is Said & Done and No Hay A Quien Culpar PROMOs along with the Die aktuelle Schaubude greeting to fans.

This single episode is available on the SVT open archive site (but to Swedish viewers only).

The performances Got To Get You Into My Life (snippet) and Aquarius (snippet) were included in the Frida Box Set released on 5 December 2005.

See Lite Grand i örat (1 of 4) for a newspaper interview with Frida about the making of the show.

Frida getting hit in the head by a flower at the end of the show!

Archive data from Swedish Media Database:
SVT, TV2 1981-10-02
Fullständig tablå
20:01:28-20:57:24 Lite grand i örat.
Tablåinnehåll Era värdar: Anni-Frid Lyngstad och Claes af Geijerstam.
Gäster: Diana Nunez, Kikki Danielsson, Peter Lundblad, The Radio och Golden Skate Roller show
20:59:32-21:06:07 Dags för sånt är livet.
21:06:23-21:31:42 Tivoli special.
21:33:13-21:37:30 Anslagstavlan
År/datum 1981-10-02
Kanal SVT2
Utgivning Stockholm : SVT, TV2
Utgivningsland Sverige
Digital Betacam TVK01-0978
MPEG-4 YA_TVK01-0978
MPEG-1 ZS_svt_svt2_1981-10-02

Thanks to Ian Cole for clarification of Pat Benatar information. Thanks also to Jason Swan, Jozsef and Alexandre Carvalho, Julian Körner, Lex Corbach, Sophie Edwards, Robin Andersson and Grant Whittingham c/o ABBAMAIL (no longer online) for the song information (ie. which song from which show). Some info from Bright Lights, Dark Shadows by Carl Magnus Palm and some info from International ABBA Magazine No.2.
YouTube link c/o inomadi100

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