Önskeprogrammet 90 1950 (BENNY)

Filmed: Early May 1966?

Location: Cirkus, Stockholm, Sweden

Broadcast: Sunday 8 May 1966, SVT, Sweden

Release status: This programme has not been included on any officially released video or DVD

Duration: About 16 minutes for the performance and the mini-opera

Shown in: Sweden

Additional information

Önskeprogrammet 90 1950 = Wishful Programme 90 1950

The Hep Stars performed Wedding. Svenne Hedlund appears to be off his crutches this time but is perching on a chair instead. Perhaps it's not long after the accident that put him on crutches in the first place.

The "90 1950" in the title refers to the postal giro number for Radiohjälpen (Radio Aid), which is the charity organisation for Sveriges Radio and Sveriges Television. Their postal giro number is 90 1950-6. So Önskeprogrammet was simply an intermittent charity gala, although not sure if each gala had a specific purpose.

The Hep Stars could also be seen taking part in a mini-opera (Bizet's Carmen) with Swedish singing superstar Siw Malmkvist. They hang around the back of the stage in period costumes and appear to join in chorus and retorts, flitting from taking it seriously to looking rather embarrassed!  Benny's arrival for this 'skit' has him pushing firstly a lady and then a guard out of the way.


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Wedding today,
all the people running wild to see,
Me go down the aisle
with my bride to fall
down on my knee

Listen to the preacher praying,
all the words he's saying
makes me feel very cold inside

Will you take this girl as wife
make her happy all your life
share her fun and troubles
always by her side

I must keep my head up bold
when I put this ring of gold
on her finger where it will ever be

Wedding today
now's the time when is over
please help to find
half a million four leaf clover

Thanks to Jozsef and Steve Layton
YouTube link c/o Sanna Sonja

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