Önskeprogrammet (BJÖRN)

Filmed: Early October 1968

Location: Stockholm (presumably), Sweden

Broadcast: Monday 7 October 1968, Sweden

Release status: Unreleased

Shown in: Sweden

Additional information

Björn’s current single Fröken Fredriksson “was played” on Önskeprogrammet and then auctioned off for SEK 250. Now, this sounds as if they just played the single and then auctioned it off, which must have made for a very dull piece of TV. So we are assuming Björn performed the song in the programme and then the single was auctioned off.

The dates are uncertain: notes show that the date for this was Thursday 3 October 1968 but there was no Önskeprogrammet on that date, according to TV listings. The closest broadcast date is Monday 7 October 1968 - so perhaps it was pre-recorded on 3 October and then broadcast 7 October…?


Thanks to Carl Magnus Palm.

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