Ohimennen - nuorten nonstop (BENNY)

Filmed: early May 1966

Location: YLE Studio, Helsinki, Finland

Broadcast: Thursday 19 May 1966, YLE1, Finland

Release status: This programme has not been included on any officially released video or DVD

Duration: 40 mins

Shown in: Finland

Additional information

Ohimennen - nuorten nonstop = By the way - young nonstop

Ohimennen was the most popular series in Finland, run on YLE in 1965-66, approximately every 2 weeks. It consisted not just studio performances, but interviews with the stars, so it's not impossible that The Hep Stars also gave an interview.

Season 1, Episode 19

Director: Jarmo Porola
Writer: Markku Veijalainen


  1. Anki Lindquist
  2. Danny 
  3. Antti Hammarberg (as Irwin Goodman)
  4. Tapani Karhu 
  5. Harry Snell
  6. Finn-Trio (as The Finn Trio)
  7. The Hep Stars 

The YLE archive confirmed that this episode was not saved and is not available any more but, thankfully, the last Ohimennen episode – a kind of overview of that year – was saved and was aired on 21 December 1966 and showed a 17-second long segment of this performance. So it now confirmed: The Hep Stars performed in playback Sunny Girl in the studio. (Their brand new single was released on 15 March 1966).

Behind them in the background you can see some huge letters wich are part of the studio stage set which spelled the name of the show (ie. OHIMENNEN). YLE produced in total only 20 episodes in 1966, so this Hep Stars song must have been quite successfull to have been included in the review programme.


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This is the background installation of the studio in its entirely (from another review episode):

Archive data (though not mentioned Hep Stars):

Ohimennen-ohjelman viimeinen jakso
Julkaistu: 21.12.1966
Ohjelmasta: Ohimennen
Ohjelman tekijät: Ohjaaja: Jarmo Porola, Toimittaja: Markku Veijalainen, Toimittaja: Jyrki Hämäläinen, Juontaja: Markku Veijalainen, Juontaja: Jyrki Hämäläinen, Lavastussuunnittelija: Ensio Suominen, Kuvaussuunnittelija: Pentti Valkeala, Järjestäjä: Keijo Kyyrö, Naamioitsija: Kristina Partio, Kuvaussihteeri: Maija Hiltunen
Esiintyjät: Jyrki Hämäläinen, Markku Veijalainen, Topmost, Johnny, Tages, Donovan, Crispian St. Peters, Charles Stuart, Herman's Hermits, Danny, Anki Lindquist
Kuva: Ohimennen-ohjelman esiintyjiä (1965, kollaasi 2015) / Yle kuvanauha.

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