The Late, Late Breakfast Show

Filmed: Saturday 6 November 1982

Location: BBC Television Centre, Wood Lane, Shepherds Bush, London, England

Broadcast: Saturday 6 November 1982, LIVE, 18:45, BBC1, UK

Release status: Released on The Visitors Deluxe Edition

Shown in: UK

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The Late, Late Breakfast Show was a BBC television light-entertainment show broadcast live on Saturday evenings from 4 September 1982 to 8 November 1986 and hosted by ex-Radio1 DJ and Multi-Coloured Swap Shop host Noel Edmonds in his first evening slot (hence the title of the programme as he had previously only presented breakfast or morning shows either on radio or TV).

ABBA were interviewed LIVE on TV as part of the promotion for the double-LP, ABBA - The Singles - The First Ten Years.

After the PROMO to The Day Before You Came was shown, ABBA gave an interview to host Noel Edmonds and introduced clips of their favourite ABBA songs.

  1. Agnetha chose Fernando and a clip from ABBA - The Movie was shown.
  2. Frida chose Dancing Queen and a clip from ABBA in Concert was shown.
  3. Benny chose Chiquitita and a clip from Music for UNICEF - A Gift Of Song Concert was shown
  4. Björn chose The Winner Takes It All and a clip from the PROMO was shown.

ABBA fan Kevin Munns got to meet them. At the end they performed a short but very live version of Thank You For The Music which got cut off from the live broadcast (just as they arrived at the chorus) as the programme was running late. However, in the studio, they finished the song which is shown on the full version kept on tape at the BBC. You see them taking applause from the audience and Agnetha talks to Noel Edmonds about the sound problems with the microphone and pulls a funny face. Kevin's sister took a photo of the sign on Agnetha and Frida's dressing room backstage after they had left the studio - the BBC: no expense spent!

It's hard to believe that this interview was actually rehearsed due to the tension, attitudes and the way the interview goes. It seems strange that they would sit together in the order that they have (ie. Benny and Frida together) and yet, it would appear that there was a rehearsal and that the seating order was intentional.

Agnetha and Benny had appeared on Saturday Superstore earlier in the day.

The obvious tension between Frida and Benny

(The Day Before You Came PROMO is shown)

Noel Edmonds: Ladies and gentlemen - all four members from ABBA!

(ABBA enter to the studio and shake hands with Noel Edmonds)

NE: Please, sit down. Well, I found it difficult really to believe that it's 10 years that you're celebrating now.
Agnetha: Yeah, 10 years already.
NE: Yes. What an amazing success story. Who's guided you over those 10 years? Who's guided you along the success path?
Björn: We guided ourselves, I should like to think. Most of the time anyway with the help from other people as well. Mainly maybe our manager Stig Anderson.
NE: Yeah.
Björn: He's very important to us.
NE: And the papers recently been full of stories that you're gonna split, eventually.
(Benny and Björn shake their heads)
NE: You're not?
Björn: No.
NE: Well, they (the audience) are obviously relieved to hear. I was just going to ask you if that ever occurred to you and who would make the decision? I mean, would it be a joined decision?
Björn and Benny: It would be ...
Benny: ...decided together.
Björn: It would be more a feeling, I think. Because when we're recording an album, we would feel that it's not fun anymore. We haven't got anything on to give. And that would be time to split, you know.
Benny: We should have done that long time ago then. (Laugh)
Björn: I know. (laughs)
NE: In what way would you say you have changed since those early days, the Eurovision Song Contest?
Frida: I am alarmingly aging. (laughs) Some of the journalist in the English press says that.
NE: They say you're alarmingly aging?
Frida: (asks from the audience) Am I really? 
Audience: Yeah!!
Agnetha: Do you mean musically or...? 
NE: No, as people. As people. Do you feel that... Has it been a strain in anyway?
Agnetha: We're older and wiser.
NE: Yeah. Are you a lot wiser? Have you found...
Agnetha: Yes. (laughs) It's not only a sexy bottom, you know.
NE: Oh. (laughs) Well, that's a quote to carry to your grave, isn't it? "I'm not just a sexy bottom", yeah. You have an LP out at the moment, The Hit Singles. And what I would like to do really is just ask you publicly tell us your favourite ABBA tunes. We've sorted out some tapes. And Agnetha, would you like to start? What's your favourite number from the last 10 years?
Agnetha: I think choice would be Fernando.
NE: For what reason?
Agnetha: Because I've seen on all our concerts that people seem to like this number very much. And they sing along, they clap their hands. They can every word. It's wonderful to sing.
NE: And we get a little bit sexy bottom as well. (Agnetha laughs)
Agnetha: Is it necessary?

(A clip of Fernando, from ABBA - The Movie is shown)

NE: Very good. Frida, it's your choice now. Is it difficult decision just choosing one?
Frida: Are you asking me?
NE: Yes, it's your turn now.
Frida: Yes, it's really. (laughs)
NE: She iss getting old, isn't she? (Laugh)
Frida: It's so noisy in here, you know. No, it's really a difficult decision because, I mean, Benny and Björn have written so many good songs.
Benny: Thank you.
Frida: (to Benny) Yes, but you should know that by now.
Benny: (to Frida) You never said that.
Frida: Ok, it's the first time.
NE: What would you like to choose?
FRIDA: I would like to choose Dancing Queen. I remember recording that backing track, I really felt something very strongly for it, you know. From my heart and also the recording when Anna and myself did the vocals. It was something very special with that song.

(A clip of Dancing Queen, from ABBA in Concert in 1979, is shown)

At which point did you decide to grow the beard? And I'm talking to you (Benny) now!
Benny: That's about...
Björn: When he found out how round his face was. (laughs)
NE: Does it seem funny looking back at something that's...not that long ago but it is a few years back.
Benny: Well, it's some...what , 15 years ago I started to growing the beard. And Björn is right. That's why I keep it.
NE: He looks a little cherub without it.
Benny: You should ask him (Björn) the same question later.
NE: Benny, a selection, please. A choice.
Benny: Yeah, it's difficult. I'll pick Chiquitita
NE: For what reason?
Benny: Well, I think it's one of our best songs. I think all four of us will pick. It's four numbers and I think all four would go.

(A clip of Chiquitita, from the Music for UNICEF - A Gift of Song Concert, is shown)

NE: And so. Finally to the oldest one. (Laugh)
NE: Björn, could I have a choice?
Björn: I'll pick the newest one then. I'll pick The Winner Takes It All, partly because I was told this was to be my choice. (Laugh)
Björn: But...
NE: You know the reason...
Björn: Most of all.
NE: ...the reason for that is 'cause it's my favourite one and 'cause I wanted it on, regardless!
Björn: Yeah, ok. Ok.
NE: So that's why you lumped with it.
Björn: Yeah. But anyway it definitely is my favourites. I think it's got a beautiful haunting melody, a brilliant, intelligent lyric. About two lovers parting.
NE: And earned you a lot of money as well.
Björn: It did, yeah.

(A clip of The Winner Takes It All PROMO is shown)

NE: We had to stop it before we got to the best bits simply 'cause we actually wanted them to have a go for a little bit live music here. Just before ABBA play us out from this edition of the show, can I remind you I'll have as my guest next week Fleetwood Mac and the incredible Diana Ross. We also got Kevin Munns, a viewer, who's got a chance to come in and meet ABBA. Can we possibly have a little bit of music from you? Don't look like that as this was a surprise. Please don't walk out. We'd like you to play us out of the programme. Kevin, do come in.

(Applauses from the audience) (Benny starts to play Thank You For The Music)

NE: (to Kevin) Do you know the words?
Kevin: Yeah, I think so.

(Thank You For The Music is performed live in the studio)


Thanks to Petri Kaasalainen for the transcription.

Archive data from BBC written archive.
Nov 06, 1982
Archive : BBC
Programme/Item : Item
Item Title : ABBA
Item Duration : 00:14:00.000+01:00
Catalogue : LONPROG
Page Number : 1/1
Catalogue Page : 982571
Noel Edmunds conducts studio intv with the pop group Abba, who say they are celebrating ten years as a group. Say that rumours of a split are rubbish, & that the time to split would be when they were no longer having fun.
> They each have to choose their favourite Abba song, which are illus by clips ex performances.
Clips: Abba sing "The Day Before You Came"(25.35-29.42).
Abba sing "Fernando"(32.20-32.58).
Abba sing "Dancing Queen"(33.50-34.46).
Abba sing "Chiquitita"(35.36-36.33).
Abba sing "The Winner Takes it All"(37.25-38.03).
Abba sing the prog out in studio with "Thank You For The Music".
(25.35-39.35). Check PsB for @ details of clips.

Thanks to Petri Kaasalainen for the transcription and extra thanks to Jun Seo, Leslie Dyche, Hamilton Delany, Diego Lopez and Alexei Zviaguintsev.
YouTube clips c/o manuel velasquez leiton and Andy Pearman



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