The Late, Late Breakfast Show

Filmed: Saturday 11 December 1982

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Broadcast: Saturday 11 December 1982, LIVE via satellite, BBC1, UK

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Shown in: UK

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The Late, Late Breakfast Show was a BBC television light-entertainment show broadcast live on Saturday evenings from 4 September 1982 to 8 November 1986 and hosted by ex-Radio1 DJ and Multi-Coloured Swap Shop host Noel Edmonds in his first evening slot (hence the title of the programme as he had previously only presented breakfast or morning shows either on radio or TV).

In this episode, ABBA performed I Have A Dream and Under Attack (with cold ending) to playback. 

Inbetween the songs, each ABBA member was interviewed by Noel Edmonds and asked silly questions one by one.  Here they showed they were in really good spirits, giving good and amusing answers to the questions and teasing each other throughout.

This was the last ever public performance by ABBA as an active group.  

Release information:
The performances of I Have A Dream and Under Attack (but not the interview) have been released on the ABBA - Number Ones DVD

Noel Edmonds:  Hello to you all!  
ABBA: Hello!
Björn: How are you?
NE: I'm very well indeed.  How are you?
BU: Fine, thank you
Agnetha: Fine!
NE: And you getting all your Christmas plans sorted out?  Been doing any shopping?
BU: Not yet, I'm afraid.  I should have, but I haven't.
Benny: Yes you should!
Frida: You're always very late aren't you?
BU: Yes, I am!
(Noel laughs)
NE: Well, just a few moments ago, I put a list of questions to Barry Manilow, the sort of questions that I'm sure you've been asked by many, er sort of, pop magazine journalists. 
BA: Yes, you're right!

NE: Er, well I wonder how quickly we can get down the line here, there's one question at a time, one for each of you. Let's start off with you Bjorn, if I may.
BU: Yeah
NE: Your favourite animal?
BU: My favourite animal is a moose!
NE: Why?  Why the moose?
BU: I think it's a lot like me - it's big, tall and very handsome!
NE: I've heard they smell a bit!  Anyway ....
BA: They do!

NE: Frida, the most boring film?
FL: The most boring thing?
NE: Film!
FL: Film?
BU: The one you were in!
FL: Yes, the one I took part in!  That's true!

NE: Agnetha, the most amusing person you've met?
AF: Person?
NE: Yes
AF: Henry Fonda
FL: Oh!
BA: Oh, I thought Noel!
NE: Very good!
AF: Also!

NE: You've got a rotten one here Benny - what is the least favourite part of your body?
(Frida laughs!)
BA: I think it's ... I think .... I'd say all of it!

NE: Back to the other end and can you please tell me what is your least favourite garment, Björn?
BU: My least favourite garment is probably the one I had on when we won the Eurovision Song Contest in ...
BA: I'd say the one you have on now! 
BU: Because I, you see it was so tight I could actually not sit down in it, it was terrible!
FL: It was, it was  ... you were thick
BU: I was very fat at that time, yeah, that's right.

NE: Frida, what is the most annoying mannerism you've ever seen in somebody?
BA: Mannerism?
BU: You have to explain mannerism
FL: Mannerism - no, I understand that. Um, I think it's jealousy
BU: Yeah
FL: Would that be the right answer?!
NE: Yes, a worst feature, certainly.   Agnetha, what's the worst holiday you’ve had?
AF: The worst?
NE: Worst holiday
AF: I only had good holidays!

NE: Oh lucky you!   What about the best Christmas - Benny?
BA: Oh, they're all the same aren't they?  Nobody ever gives me any presents
(Audience goes aaaaaah!)
BU: You're going to get a lot this year!
BA: Thank you Björn!

NE: Björn, what is your favourite relative?
BU: My favourite relative is my good old rich uncle in Wisconsin!

NE: Frida, I'll give you another terrible one - what is the worst thing you ever had on your school report?
FL:  Nothing I think - I was very good in school! (winks)

NE: Let's keep that one also for Agnetha - did you ever have a nasty comment on a school report?
AF: Oh, I think the same goes for me!
BU: Did she ever go to school?!
AF: I was very talent .. talented!
NE: You have a marvellous life don't you? !  Great holidays and nothing rotten happened to you at school!   All right, let's wrap this up Benny, I think this is the most awkward one for you and I want total honesty now - the one question you'd never answer?
BA: Is there any?
NE: What is the one question you would never ever answer?
BA: Well I can't come to think of one actually.  Try one!
NE: That's a shame because that's what I was going to do the moment you told me!
BA: OK! Shoot!

NE: Well obviously everybody over here wishes the four of you a very Happy Christmas indeed.
BU/AF: Same to you
NE: And many congratulations, you have an enormous hit on your hands with your LP - No.2 in the UK charts at the moment, did you know that?

BA: We thought it was No.1!
NE: Well you can't have everything
BA: Oh yes, we can!
NE: Not a bad philosphy!  You've now got to get yourselves wired up, would you like to get ready please for the next number?
BA: OK, bye!


Lyrics available on the Official ABBA site (find the song and then click on Lyrics)

Frida wore the black/cerise trouser suit on:
The Late, Late Breakfast Show
Kanal 3
The outfit was one of around 200 lots for sale at an auction of some of her stage clothes at Misery, Switzerland on Saturday 29 September 2001.  The proceeds from the auction went to a facility for the mentally handicapped, Fondation La Colombiere.

Agnetha wore the multi-coloured jumper and mustard skirt on:
The Late, Late Breakfast Show

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Dec 11, 1982
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Noel EDMONDS pres live mag prog featuring Give It A Whirl stunts, with
performances from Barry MANILOW & Abba.
> live studio, vt inserts, cpyrt stills & ftge, ex lib
ITEM 01:BARRY MANILOW tlks to Noel live via satellite & sings "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Right Myself A Letter" (2m50s) & "Memory" (4m25s)
ITEM 02:ABBA live via Eurovision tlk to Noel & sing "I Have A Dream" (4m20s) & "Under Attack" (3m20s)
ITEM 03:PEOPLE'S CHART (4m50s) ITEM 04:GIVE IT A WHIRL: Robert KENISON from Windlesham perfs T-Bone Stunt with stuntman Dick SHEPPARD at Santa Pod Raceway (20s/1m16s/3m00s) Noel chats to 12 whirly wheelers from previous progs

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