The Winner Takes It All PROMO

Filmed: Saturday 12 July 1980

Location: The Society House (Societshuset) and around Marstrand, 50km north of Gothenberg, Sweden

Release status: Released on The Definitive Collection

Duration: 4:55

Shown in: Worldwide

Additional information

Directed by Lasse Hallström, this was a classy and emotional PROMO video for a classy and emotional song.

It began with a slideshow of black-and-white pictures of the Voulez Vous album cover, live 1979, Does Your Mother Know PROMO, in Switzerland, Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) PROMO and 1979 tour rehearsals - presumably to give the impression of "happier times" (although if the idea behind the stills was to allude to Agnetha and Björn's relatsionship, they had already separated in all of those photos).

If this was Agnetha's best vocal performance in ABBA, then this was probably her best acting performance too.  

Thankfully, as if to break the tension, there are a few shots of her laughing her head off as well.

A shorter slide-show of black-and-white pictures from 1979/1980 appeared at the end, just before a shot of a very sad looking Agnetha.

On 12 July 2022, 42 years to the day it was filmed, the ABBA Facebook page shared a 10 second outtake clip (without sound) showing Agnetha trying to be serious for a 'take' but then smiling broadly and then messing about.

On 22 July 2022, the ABBA YouTube channel released a new lyric video for The Winner Takes It all.

Lyrics available on the Official ABBA site

Benny was wearing the purple jacket he wore in Aplauso 100 and Björn was wearing the yellow jacket he was wearing for the Conociendome, Conociendote PROMO.

YouTube link c/o AbbaVEVO and ABBA

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