Aplauso #100

Filmed: Friday 6 June 1980

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Broadcast: See below for detailed info

Release status: Released on Gracias Por La Musica Deluxe Edition

Duration: Full programme 1:48:09, ABBA bits 17:37

Shown in: Spain

Additional information

Aplauso = Applause

Aplauso was a weekly music series on RTVE, which ran from 9 July 1978 to 1 January 1983 on Saturday evenings of 2 hours duration and included 210 Episodes. 

The programme intended to fill a gap in the TVE schedules, highlighing current popular trends for the majority of the public and especially the young.

Episode 100.

A spanish film crew flew to Stockholm for this interview for the show's 100th edition. Björn spoke some Spanish and ABBA were in good spirits. Two new Spanish performances were shown - Conciendome, Conociendote and Gracias Por La Musica. Björn said in the interview that they were both filmed in a TV studio in Stockholm.

ABBA mimed to Dame!, Dame!, Dame! around the coffee table and sang a short Swedish folk "cheers" greeting at the end. The song is called Skål (Cheers).

The male interviewer was Jose Luis Uribarri who commentated on the Eurovision Song Contest every year (making him the Spanish Terry Wogan) and ABBA were introduced by Silvia Tortosa.

Running order of the show:

  1. Boney M - Gotta Go Home
  2. Dr Hook - Sharing the Night Together
  3. Club Super Fans segment (interview with some Spanish fans; excerpts of Tequila, Ivan, Pedro Marin and Roberto Carlos hits and a joke)
  4. Bette Midler - Married Men
  5. Barclay James Harvest - Love on the Line
  6. AC/DC - Highway to Hell
  7. The Moody Blues - Nights in White Satin
  8. The Knack - My Sharona
  9. Paul McCartney congratulatory message and Goodnight Tonight and Coming Up  PROMOs
  10. Camilo Sesto - Algunos existos
  11. Miguel Bose - Morir de amor
  12. The Gibson Brothers - Que sera mi vida
  13. Robert Gordon - Red Hot
  14. Leif Garrett - Memorize Your Number
  15. Mabel - Born to Make you Happy
  16. ABBA interview, including Conciendome, Conociendote, Gracias Por La Musica and Dame!, Dame!, Dame!
  17. Closing scene

Benny was wearing the purple jacket he wore in The Winner Takes It All  PROMO.

Click here for a TV listing from ABC (Madrid) - 14 June 1980, p.94.

Broadcast information:
Saturday 14 June 1980, 17:40-19:30, RTVE, Spain
Repeated, Canal Nostalgia mid-2000s, Spain

Release information:
This programme was offiically released on the CD/DVD Gracias por la musica Deluxe Edition on 15 November 2014.
Conciendome, Conociendote and Gracias Por La Musica were officially released on The Essential Collection DVD on 21 May 2012.


Lyrics available on the Official ABBA site

Thanks to Jose Luis Juarez, Alexandre Carvalho, Erik Liebstaedter, Lendy, Jozsef, Jun Seo and Sam Shervz.
YouTube clip c/o Steve Layton

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