Wetten Dass..? (BJÖRN)

Filmed: Saturday 14 December 2013

Location: Augsburg, Germany

Broadcast: Saturday 14 December 2013, LIVE, Germany

Release status: Unreleased

Duration: Björn bits around 26 minutes in total

Shown in: Germany

Additional information

Wetten Dass..? = Wanna bet that..?

Wetten Dass..?
 is a long-running German-language entertainment television show. The shows are broadcast live six to eight times a year from different cities from 14 February 1981 until the present day.  It is Europe's biggest TV show with viewers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

It's a show where people bet strange things like: "I bet I can park a car on four glasses and they won't break!" or "I bet that I can blow out 100 candles in just 30 seconds!" and so on. The show is very popular in Germany and Europe and there are always big superstars on the programme.

Björn appeared in 2013 and spoke in German for the whole time he was on the show.

In the main interview, Björn was asked if he had seen the other ABBA members recently and he replied that they met two weeks ago to talk about a reunion. The audience cheered! But then Björn said that there would be no reunion because he wants people to remember ABBA as they were. They also talked about clothes and how many records ABBA had sold. Björn said that Universal put it at 380 million albums (not records in total, just albums).

Then Björn assisted in a bet about ABBA with Regina Grafunder and her husband Ralf.  (Regina runs the ABBA Intermezzo German magazine) and her husband Ralf had a bet: Regina could recognize 50 ABBA songs from the sounds her husband made when biting on a crispbread to the rhythm of an ABBA song! They had to get 4 out 5 right, and they managed it.  The songs Ralf "performed" while knawing on the crispbread were SOS, People Need Love, Money, Money, Money and Under Attack

After that they shortly talk about the ABBA The Museum and showed some footage from inside the Museum.

Canadian singer Michael Bublé then performed Santa Claus is Coming to Town and Björn greeted him as he went off stage.  They seemed full of respect for each other

Before the show a backstage interview was done, also in German with Sandra Rieß. Björn was asked which 'B' he was. They agreed he was the one on the left. Björn said that he still works together with Benny, so the position of the Bs is not correct, they should be facing each other.

For the last two minutes the interviewer tried to remember the order of songs on ABBA Gold, on which she wanted a signature from Björn.


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