Wetten Dass..? (AGNETHA)

Filmed: Saturday 3 September 1983

Location: Deutschlandhalle*, Berlin, Germany

Broadcast: Saturday 3 September 1983, LIVE, 20:15-22:20, ZDF, Germany

Release status: Unreleased

Duration: Full programme 2:09:47, Agnetha bits 8:54

Shown in: Germany

Additional information

Wetten Dass..? = Wanna bet that..?

Wetten Dass..?
is a long-running German-language entertainment television show. The shows are broadcast live six to eight times a year from different cities from 14 February 1981 until the present day.

It's a show where people bet strange things like: "I bet I can park a car on four glasses and they won't break!" or "I bet that I can blow out 100 candles in just 30 seconds!" and so on. The show is very popular in Germany and Europe and there are always big superstars on the programme.

Season 1, Episode 17 - the host was Frank Elstner.

Running order and guests of this day episode:

  1. Terence Hill and Bud Spencer (some movie excerpts)
  2. Günter Pfitzmann (German film actor)
  3. Maria Schell (Austrian/Swiss actress)
  4. Peter Weck (Austrian film director and actor)
  5. Bet 1: Is Lukas able to make 43 successful hammer blows in 3 minutes?
  6. Agnetha - The Heat Is On and Wrap Your Arms Around Me followed by a brief interview by host Frank Elstner.
  7. Direct satellite link to Las Vegas to an animal trainer
  8. Bet 2: Is Adam able to recognize 20 cities in 2 minutes by their main public transport lines (on a kind of map)?
  9. Bet 3: Is Sven able to make 26 eskimo rolls in 1 minute? (turning 360 degrees in a kayak in the water ending up upright as per at the start)
  10. Cliff RichardWe Don’t Talk Anymore and Never Say Die 
  11. Bet 4: Is Markus able to catch a grape from around 50m away?
  12. Bet 5: 

* some sources mention other filming locations, but the host mentioned this one ie. Deutschlandhalle.

Cliff Richard used the same set (the revolving doors and flashing lights) for We Don't Talk Anymore that Agnetha had for Wrap Your Arms Around Me with a few cosmetic changes.

Agnetha looked super-hot on this programme!

Click here for a TV listing from Leidsch Dagblad - 3 September 1983, p.4.

Broadcast information:
Saturday 3 September 1983, LIVE, 20:15-22:20, ZDF, Germany
Saturday 3 September via Eurovision, channel ORF1, Austria
Saturday 3 September via Eurovision, SRG, Switzerland
Saturday 2 November 2002, ABBA-Kultnacht, ZDF, Germany

This the last minute of the interview as per the Kultnacht rebroadcast (see VIDEO tab) which had edited out the first minute.The end of the interview:

Frank Elstner: What about ABBA?  It's finished now?
Agnetha: Let's say that, for the moment, ABBA have a break.  Björn and Benny writes on a muscial together with Tim Rice and Frida is working for herself and I'm working for myself ...
FE: And you're touring ....
Agnetha: so we never what what will come in the futre.  Let's hope we can do a record together
FE: (talks in German, presumably translating what Agnetha just said).
Agnetha: Nice to be here, really.  Thank you.

Thanks to Mike Dudley, Alex Jones, Guido, Ronny, Alexandre Carvalho, Jozsef, Harry Ehler and Jan Bach. Special thanks to Matthias Butenschön
YouTube link c/o Stephen Layton

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