Filmed: Friday 27 November 1981

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Broadcast: Tuesday 1 December 1981, 20:27-21:30, AVRO, The Netherlands

Release status: Unreleased

Duration: 1:05:11 for entire programme, 5:55 for Agnetha and Frida segment

Shown in: The Netherlands

Additional information

Mies was the First Lady of Dutch TV Mies Bouwman’s own successful, 1-hour long live talk show. It was broadcast LIVE weekly on AVRO from 6 October 1981 to 25 December 1982.

Episode 9.

Frida and Agnetha were interviewed to promote The Visitors. The One of Us PROMO was shown afterwards. They were presented with Gold Discs and Frida thanked the fans for all her recent birthday messages.

Running order:

  1. Interview with Gerard Christiaan Wallis de Vries, President of AVRO from 1 January 1982, previously cultural undersecretary
  2. Samantha Jones  - My Way
  3. Interview with two teachers who made badges 
  4. Interview with Harm Wiersma (Dutch checkers World Champion)
  5. Ronald Brautigam (pianist) - Chopin's Tarantella
  6. Interview with Wubbo Ockels (Dutch physicist and an astronaut)
  7. Interview with Frida and Agnetha
  8. Talk to Prof. Isaac Arend Diepenhorst and Joop Doderer (ten personal questions)

Click here for a TV listing from Provinciale Zeeuwse Courant - 1 December 1981 p.18
Click here for an article about the series from Leidsch Dagblad - 8 September 1981, p.5.

Mies Bouwman died 26 February 2018.

Broadcast information:
Tuesday 1 December 1981, 20:27-21:30, AVRO, The Netherlands
Monday 21 December 1999, TROS, The Netherlands (in ABBA 25 jaar succes in Nederland)

(One Of Us is played in the background while Mies introduced the interview).

Mies Bouwman: I have a surprise, first of all a record for you, Frida. (hands Super Trouper gold disc to her)
Frida: Thank you.
MB: For Super Trouper.
F: Thank you very much.
MB:And one for you (hands Super Trouper gold disc to Agnetha) Did you did know that?
F: No, it surprised us.
Agnetha: Thank you very much.
MB: Is it really a surprise for you? I mean I've got still, I think, 30 records left - golden and platinum - for you in Holland. And how many do you have?
A: We haven't...
F: Oh...I haven't counted them but it's a lot, I tell you. I have a room in my (unknown word - sounds like "cellist") completely full with golden, silver and platinum discs.
MB: But still you're happy with that? (points to Super Trouper gold discs)
F: Oh yes.
A: Always. It's good to have them.
F: It's a good reward.
MB: Good. Now, congratulations with your new album, The Visitors.
A: Thank you.
MB: Tell us about it.
F: What do you want to know? (laughs)
MB: When did you start working on it?
A: The boys started to write... (thinks) in the end of this year, I think.
F: The beginning, you mean?
A: Yes, the beginning, of course.
MB: '81?
A: Yes. And then we started the recording in April.
MB: So it's hard work?
A: Yes, it's always hard work.
F: It takes almost a year to get a complete album.
MB: And how many songs did they write?
F: This album, it contains of the nine songs.
MB: Did they have more?
F: No, not this time. Usually they have but not this time.
MB: Were you happy with the songs? Are they sad or are they very happy?
A: They are, I would say, very varied. Some songs, you can say, are happy. And some are sad.
MB: Are some autobiographic?
F: In the way, yes. Because, I mean, it's easier to write lyrics from real life. I mean, It gives a meaning, a depth.
MB: Now the album is finished and everybody is happy with it. In Holland it's already a golden album.
F: Oh? (with a surprised face)
A: Is it?
MB: And what about the other countries. Do you know?
A: No...
F: Yeah, I know in Germany it's already platinum. And England...
A: What? (Agnetha and Frida start to laugh)
F: Do you want me to tell you figures?
MB: Yeah.
F: Yes, we had advanced order in England almost one million copies.
MB: God...
F: So it's a good start anyway.
MB: You must be rich but are you happy too?
F: Sometimes, sometimes not.
A: Like other people. Life goes up and down, I think.
MB: And now this one is finished. What are you going to do?
A: We don't know for the moment. We have done some promotion things for this album. And we have discussed maybe later next year to do solo, eh... (shakes her head)
F: Live.
A: Live album. But we have no definite plans on it.
MB: And what about Benny and Björn? Are they writing at the moment?
F: No. They have taken some time off now because they've been working very, very hard the last year. And they need it.
A: They have the hardest pressure, you know, to write all the material, really. And Björn also writes all the lyrics. And it takes a lot of time
MB: Are there any plans to come to other countries, to Holland, perhaps?
F: Not at the moment. We haven't planned anything. You know, it's soon Christmas and we want to stay at home.
MB: Next year? Or don't you like so much to tour?
A: We would love to come to Holland but it's hard to get time for everything because every country wants us. And that's very fine but it's hard to get time for it.
MB: That true. Now, I hope we'll see you next year.
A: Hope so too.
MB: And what are your wishes for the next year?
(Agnetha and Frida start to laugh)
MB: That's a difficult one, isn't it?
F: Very difficult.
A: A happy new year.
F: Could I take the opportunity...
MB: Yes.
F: ...I will think about what you're asking. But I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the fans in Holland for their letters and congratulations cards to my birthday, 15th of November. And this is a very good way of say thank you to all of you. I really appreciate it. Very, very much. Thank you.
MB: Good. And what do you wish for yourself? I didn't forget that.
(Applause from the audience)
F: For myself, you mean? (thinks) It's so hard to answer that. I don't think I wish anything special, really. No.
MB: Good luck to both of you. And we always finish our small interviews and the big ones too with flowers. So I brought them from Holland.
F: Oh...
A: Thank you very much. They're lovely.
MB: Thank you for this small talk on a busy day. Thank you very much. All the best to you.
F: Our pleasure.
A: Thank you.

(One Of Us promo is shown)

Archive data from Beeld en Geluid:
Document ID 98906
Uniforme titel MIES
Titel MIES - prg#MIES
Afleveringstitel MIES (9)
Publicaties televisie; 01-12-1981; AVRO; 65'07''
Type uitzending
Uitzenddatum 01-12-1981
Begintijd 00:02:00
Eindtijd 01:07:07
Tijdsduur 65'07''
Tijdsduur annotatie Avail: 65'07"
Technische annotatie Materiaal: Kleur
Distributiekanaal televisie
Zendgemachtigde AVRO
Schone inlas Niet aanwezig
Type Soort Formaat Begin- en eindtijd Nummer Volg-
nr. Bewaar-
plaats Archief-
MXF Programma 00:01:59 - 01:07:08 MIES9________-HRE0000AB87.mxf Digitaal Archief
MPG1 Programma 00:01:59 - 01:07:08 MIES9________-HRE0000AB87.mpg Digitaal Archief
DIGI-BETA Programma 00:01:59 - 01:07:08 TDU41444 uitleenkopie
DIGI-BETA Programma 00:01:59 - 01:07:08 TD41444
VHS Programma 00:02:00 - 01:07:07 V14726
Samenvatting Serie live-praatprogramma's waarin Mies Bouwman praat met bekende en onbekenden, met als vast onderdeel: tien vragen aan twee prominenten op de bank.
Serie live-praatprogramma's vanuit 't Spant in Bussum, waarin
Mies Bouwman praat met bekende en onbekenden, met als vast
onderdeel: tien vragen aan twee prominenten. Met muzikale
medewerking van Orkest Tonny Eyk.
Kleur kleur
Genre amusement, praatprogramma, praatprogramma
Trefwoorden dammen; dierenbescherming; poëzie; ruimtevaart; videoclips; zangers
Sprekers Fältskog, Agnetha
Lyngstad, Frida
Personen Bouwman, Mies; Brautigam, Ronald; Diepenhorst, I.A.; Doderer, Joop; Eyk, Tonny; Ockels, Wubbo; Wallis de Vries, G.C.; Wiersma, Harm;
Namen Abba
Makers Bouwman, Mies (presentatie)
Bouwman, Mies (productie)
Oster, Fred (productie)
Timp, Leen (regie)
Beoogd medium televisie
Beschrijving 04:53 DIERENBESCHERMING
Gesprek met G. Wallis de Vries over zijn benoeming tot
"Dierenbeschermer van het Jaar".
Optreden zangeres Samantha Jones met "My way".
13:35 POEZIE
Gesprek met twee onderwijzers uit Best over buttons met
16:30 DAMMEN
Gesprek met dammer Harm Wiersma over oa het gewonnen
WK-dammen, gebruik van doping, het prijzengeld.
Kort gesprek met de pianist Ronald Brautigam en een optreden
met "Tarantélla" van Chopin
Gesprek met Wubbo Ockels over zijn opleiding tot astronaut.
39:05 ABBA
Gesprek met de zangeressen Frida en Agnetha van Abba over hun
nieuwe LP; Mies Bouwman biedt een platina plaat aan. Optreden
met videoclip "One of us".
48:54 DE BANK
Prof. I.A. Diepenhorst en Joop Doderer nemen plaats op de
bank en geven antwoord op tien persoonlijke vragen.
Rechten Herkomst

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