Somewhere in the Crowd There's You

Filmed: Friday 3 October 1980

Location: Europa Film Studios, Tappvägen 24, Stockholm, Sweden

Release status: Released on Super Trouper Deluxe Edition

Duration: 13:30

Shown in: Never broadcast

Additional information

This was backstage/extra footage of the party scenes shot for the Super Trouper, Happy New Year and Felicidad PROMOS compiled and edited by Carl Magnus Palm and Roger Backlund.

They were then put together and titled Somewhere in the Crowd There's You intended as a bonus feature for the Super Trouper Deluxe Edition CD/DVD.

The introduction of the footage states:

"The original concept for the Super Trouper album sleeve was to shoot the picture in London's Piccadilly Circus. Together with trusted album designer Rune Söderqvist, the group had decided to bring in a real-life circus, complete with animals, to one of London's most famous locations. The idea was to kill two birds with one stone: creating a publicity stunt in anticipation of the album, and getting an unforgettable sleeve shot while they were at it. Those elaborate plans were quashed because of a regulation against parading in "spectacular costumes" in central London. But the circus idea remained; only it had to be staged under less extravagant circumstances. The Europa Film Studios, located just outside central Stockholm, were booked for the night of October 3, 1980 ... bona fide circus artists were hired...and around 70 of ABBA's friends and acquaintances were invited to come to the studio, dress up in funny costumes and be "extras" at the event."

Highlights of the footage include:

  1. Agnetha and Frida in the make-up room with Lolo Murray.
  2. Francios Bronett, director of Sweden's famous Circus Scott, gives instructions in two languages: German for some of the genuine circus performers, and Swedish, for the "extras".
  3. Director Lasse Hallström preparing for Super Trouper and Happy New Year
  4. At the end press photographers are in place to capture the event, giving ABBA the publicity they had expected from the occasion.

This has been released on the CD/DVD Super Trouper Deluxe Edition on 9 May 2011.

White Super Trouper costumes

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