Die aktuelle Schaubude

Filmed: early September 1974

Location: Hamburg, West Germany

Broadcast: LIVE Saturday 7 September 1974, 19:15, NDR, Germany

Release status: This programme has not been included on any officially released video or DVD

Duration: 36:34 for full programme; 2:50 for ABBA song

Shown in: Germany

Additional information

Die aktuelle Schaubude = The Current Show

Die aktuelle Schaubude started broadcasting from north German station NDR on 7 December 1957, the oldest regular programme on German TV and was shown weekly until 19 December 2009.

Honey Honey was performed after their earlier performance of Waterloo in April, introduced by Christian Müller. This episode was broadcast LIVE*, although ABBA’s performance must have been recorded earlier in the month and nserted into the programme. 

Running order of this Episode:

  1. Short report about ferry on sea
  2. ABBA - Honey Honey
  3. interview with Dietrich Niedhammer (?) German fans need help please!
  4. Marianne Mendt (Austria) - Wann I Nimmer Singen Kann
  5. interview with Professor Battlehammer (?) German fans need help please!
  6. Su Kramer - Nur wer das Leben liebt
  7. Report about contact lenses
  8. Udo Jürgens - Zieh den Kopf aus der Schlinge, Bruder John
  9. ? - Wir reden viel und sagen nichts das weltlicht (?) German fans need help please!

*There are some mistakes in the running of the show, so it indicates broadcastwas LIVE. As all the performers were interviewed except ABBA and Honey Honey starts with a fade-in and ends with a fade-out, it indicates they must be taped earlier with the same background (set) as others and inserted into the live broadcast.

The broadcasting station, NDR Fernsehen was a regional television channel targeting northern Germany.  It was also included in a special made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the show on 30 November 2007 on NDR (N3) entitled Schlager, Stars & gute Laune.

Lyrics available on the Official ABBA site

Thanks to Alex Jones, Jun Seo, Guido, Jozsef, Erik Liebstaedter, Steve Layton, Joachim, Alexandre Carvalho, Carl Magnus Palm, Mandy Samuels, Sam Shervz and Philip Muytjens.
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