Sunday Night (BENNY)

Filmed: Tuesday 5 September 2017

Location: Riksmixningsverket (RMV Studio), Stockholm, Sweden

Broadcast: Sunday 17 September 2017, Channel 7, Australia

Release status: Unreleased

Duration: 1 hour

Shown in: Australia

Additional information

Sunday Night is an Australian news and current affairs program produced and broadcast by the Seven Network.

Australian reporter Rahni Sadler interviewed Benny at the RMV Studio in Stockholm where he also played some ABBA tunes on the piano. Rahni is a big ABBA fan and her delight was palpable in her interview with Benny who was in great form.  The new interview was included in a new 1 hour ABBA Special for Sunday Night which included interviews with Agnetha and Björn, both of whom Rahni had interviewed for Sunday Night back in 2013 (although whether their footage had been aired before I am not sure).  Frida's absence was notable however as there wasn't any interview footage from her from any programme of the past.

The special covered the whole ABBA story and beyond.

Popping up and making comments throughout were Ian 'Molly' Meldrum, Ingmarie Halling and ABBA fan from the Gold coast, Roxanne Dickson. Rahni had interviewed Roxanne in Australia already but a further interview was set up (while Rahni was in Stockholm) with her to camera.  During that interview, the telephone rang and Rahni spoke to Roxanne and then passed her over to speak to Benny.  Roxanne's face was a picture.

The programme was the third or fourth most watched programme of the night in Australia.

Five minutes of extra footge with Rahni and Benny was available via the Sunday Night website. Rahni was shown around Benny's office and saw the piano that is connected to the one in ABBA The Museum. There were two little dogs running around outside Benny's office, one of which belonged to Benny he said. In one scene you see the clapper board which confirms the filming date.  Straight afterwards, Benny mimics the action of the clapper board!


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