Sunday Night (BJÖRN & AGNETHA)

Filmed: Mid-April 2013

Location: Jorgen Elofsson's house and studio, Lidingö, Stockholm, Sweden!

Broadcast: Sunday 5 May 2013, Channel 7, Australia

Release status: Unreleased

Shown in: Australia

Additional information

Sunday Night is an Australian news and current affairs program produced and broadcast by the Seven Network.

Reporter Rahni Sadler travelled to Sweden to interview Agnetha and Björn.

This programme is definitely worth a watch.

Agnetha sang a little of SOS, So Long, Take a Chance on Me and Tiger and danced with Rahni Sadler.

Björn also spoke very honestly and provided a lot of laughs.

The response to the special was "overwhelming" so on the following week's show, broadcast Sunday 12 May 2013, they presented special "unseeen treats" from their interviews with Agnetha and Björn in a segment called ABBA By Demand.  Part of it showed Björn being asked what he might have liked the band to be named instead of ABBA and he laughed through his answer!





Thanks to Kathy Robinjson and George Boudaniotis c/o ABBA Village and Roxanne Dickson, Magda Petrescu, Lee Gale, Harold Hanlon, Trudy Brown, Pascale Ranson, Ian Cole and Mal Mitchell c/o ABBAtalk.

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