Another You, Another Me PROMO (BJÖRN)

Filmed: September/October 1986

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Release status: Unreleased

Shown in: Europe

Additional information

Björn made a 3-second (count them!) appearance in this PROMO for Gemini's single Another You, Another Me.

He appeared just before the second verse. If you are not familiar with the song (or Gemini), then I recommend just listening to the song isolated from the video (because the song is FAB and the video is rubbish! This fabulous song (written by Benny and Björn) deserved a far better video than the one it got here).

Björn wore that red jacket for:
Good Morning Britain
Bonnie en José in Zweden
Rehearsal for Na, Sowas!
Another You, Another Me PROMO



Thanks to Jan Bach and Steve Layton.
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