Vela d'Oro (AGNETHA)

Filmed: Thursday 22 -Saturday 24 September 1983

Location: Palazzo dei Congressi, Riva del Garda, Italy

Broadcast: Thursday 22 -Saturday 24 September 1983, LIVE, RAIUNO, Italy

Release status: Unreleased

Duration: 2:16:00 for 1st evening

Shown in: Italy

Additional information

Vela d'Oro = Golden Sail Festival

In fact this was the XIX Mostra internazionale di musica leggera which was renamed Vela d'Oro and replaced from Venice to Riva del Garda in 1982.

This edition was hosted by Claudio Lippi and Daniella Poggi. As always some international stars were guests on the programme, at this time:

  1. The Moody Blues
  2. Rettore
  3. Nena
  4. Ornella Vanoni
  5. America
  6. Tears For Fears
  7. Spandau Ballet
  8. Passengers
  9. Agnetha - who performed Can't Shake Loose and Wrap Your Arms Around Me (twice!).

During six songs of the first evening (see the list below) there was a heavy microphone problem, so the live broadcast went to air with damaged audio. Host Claudio Lippi must have apologised for this when the sound error was finally fixed. In addition, there was heavy picture and sound errors on the master-tape during Enzo Avitabile’s performance - and that is probaby why there's virtually no hope for an entire re-broadcast of the first evening's show on Thursday 22 September 1983).

Agnetha appeared on stage on the first evening (ie. Thursday 22 September 1983) with Wrap Your Arms Around Me (1st performance), when the audience spontaneously applauded half-way through the song. She then appeared on the final evening (Saturday 24 September 1983) with Can't Shake Loose and a second performance of Wrap Your Arms Around Me).

Running order of the 1st evening (aired from 21:50):

  1. Pooh - Cara sconosciuta (opening scene)
  2. Milva - Eva dagli occhi di gatto
  3. Loredana Bertè - Il mare d'inverno (damaged audio)
  4. Alice - Il profumo del silenzio (damaged audio)
  5. The Moody Blues (GUEST STAR) - Sitting at the wheel (damaged audio)
  6. Ron - Per questa notte che cade giù (damaged audio)
  7. Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso - Lontano da (damaged audio)
  8. Angelo Branduardi - La giostra (damaged audio)
  9. Rettore (GUEST STAR) - Rodeo
  10. Iva Zanicchi - Aria di luna
  11. Nena (GUEST STAR) - 99 Luftballons
  12. Ornella Vanoni (GUEST STAR) - Ho capito che ti amo and Uomini
  13. Gerry Mulligan - Another Kind of Sunday
  14. America (GUEST STAR) - Your move
  15. Gazebo - Lunatic
  16. Bandolero - Paris latino
  17. Agnetha Fältskog (GUEST STAR) - Wrap Your Arms Around Me (1st performance)
  18. Tears For Fears (GUEST STAR) - Pale Shelter
  19. Spandau Ballet (GUEST STAR) - True
  20. James Ingram - Party animal
  21. Passengers (GUEST STAR) - Rhapsody
  22. Nino Buonocore - Notte chiara
  23. Delia Gualtiero - Ombre cinesi
  24. Santandrea - Niente
  25. Enzo Avitabile - When I Believe
  26. Marras - Quando Gigi Riva arrivera
  27. Michael Sembello - Maniac (closing scene)

Performances of the other two evenings:

  1. Data - Living inside me
  2. Alice - Solo un'idea
  3. Rettore - Sweetheart on Parade
  4. Gazebo - Wrap The Rock
  5. Agnetha Fältskog - Can't Shake Loose and Wrap Your Arms Around Me (2nd performance)
  6. Def Leppard - Rock of Ages
  7. Christian - Nostalgia
  8. Greg Kihn Band -

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At the start of the first performance of Wrap Your Arms Around Me (long sleeved outfit), she clearly enjoys the applause - and at the end she looks relieved and happy to receive even more from this very appreciative audience.

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