XI Mostra Internazionale di Musica Leggera

Filmed: Filmed 21-23 September 1975

Location: Nazionale dal Palazzo del cinema al Lido di Venezia (Venice), Italy

Broadcast: Saturday, 27 September 1975, Nazionale (RAI), Italy at 20:40-22:30 and again mid-1980's on RAI3

Release status: This programme has not been included on any officially released video or DVD

Duration: 1 hour, 50 mins; ABBA approx. 7 mins

Shown in: Italy

Additional information

XI Mostra Internazionale di Musica Leggera = XI International Pop Music Exhibition

This was the only Italian TV appearance by ABBA as a group.

This programme was hosted by Daniele Piombi and Aba Cercato and directed by Gianni Ravera and Regia di Giancarlo Nicotra. It appeared to be some sort of competition with the favourites being Iva Zanicchi, Ornella Vanoni and Mia Martini.

ABBA performed Mamma Mia and SOS. There are very few pictures of the performance. One is on the Italian (DigIt) cover of the SOS/Mamma Mia single.

Information in a television listings magazine does not indicate that ABBA were guests but there is lots of lovely information all in Italian. Here's a basic translation c/o "justforme" (thank you!): "Tonight was awarded the Golden Gondola '75 in recognition for the interpreter of the song that has had the greatest success among those proposed in the previous edition "Venice International Exhibition of her pop music" that takes place every year at the Palazzo del Cinema on the Lido . The scope Trophy candidates this year are three (Iva Zanicchi, Ornella Vanoni and Mia Martini), but the favourite seems Iva Zanicchi with the song I Stubborn Brazilian Roberto Carlos translated into Italian by Cristiano Larngioglio who made himself a name as lyricist with L ' important to finish Canata from Mina. The eleventh edition of the show that is broadcast live this evening by Daniele Piombi and Aba Cercato along with twenty Italian singers and foreigners who will be accompanied by a large orchestra. The characteristics of the event and to bring new pleas for viewers and for Guindi to the repertoire of the autumn-winter. The cast includes: Americans Bob James, Yvonne Fair, John Kincade, Van McCoy, Melanie and the group Shirley & Company; the British Carl Douglas and Peter Wingfield, this complex French, "Il etait une fois"; Italians Peppino Di Capri, Sandro Giacobbe, Enrico Intra, Marcella Chezzi Wess-Dori, Mino Reitano, the Viennese Iva Zanicchi and the native English Mal after the exploits talk to love Mary will launch not blush, fifteen years ago a song written by Giorgio Gaber. Transmission tonight to also participate, to compete for the Silver Gondola, the two leaders is the New Voices contest Castrocaro."

The appearance was re-broadcasted in the mid 1980's in a revival show hosted by Red Ronnie.

List of guests:

  1. Peppino Di Capri - Amo
  2. Sandro Giacobbe - Io prigioniero *
  3. Enrico Intra - ?
  4. Marcella Bella - Negro *
  5. Wess & Dori Ghezzi - È l'amore che muore
  6. Mino Reitano - Terre Lontane *
  7. Iva Zanicchi - Libera, senza complessi
  8. Mia Martini - Inno e Agapimu
  9. I Vianella - Vestiti, usciamo
  10. Grazia Vitale - Torna
  11. Mal - Non arrossire
  12. Mersia - Irraggiungibile
  13. Aldo Poli - ?
  14. ABBA (Sweden, guest star) - Mamma Mia and SOS
  15. Bob James (USA guest star) - Take Me To The Mardi Gras *
  16. Yvonne Fair (USA, guest star) - It Should Have Been Me
  17. John Kincade (USA, guest star) -
  18. Van McCoy (USA, guest star) - The Shuffle
  19. Melanie (USA, guest star) - La Bamba *
  20. Shirley and Company (USA, guest star) - Shame, Shame Shame
  21. Carl Douglas (UK, guest star) - Kung Fu Fighting
  22. Pete Wingfield (UK, guest star) - Eighteen with a Bullet
  23. Il était une fois (France, guest star) - ?
  24. Jair Rodrigues (Brasil, guest star) - Maravilhoso è sambar

* a promotional single was released of these songs

Click here for a newspaper article (which does not mention ABBA) from l’Unità - 28 Sepember 1975, p.9 

Click here for a TV listing

Thanks to Rianne Schaffers, Greg Hartney, Harry Ehler, Jozsef, Philip Muytjens, Ian Cole, "justforme", Carl Magnus Palm, Fiorenzo Testa (and friend Simone) and Dario. Also thanks to the person who created the ABBA in Italia CD available from Pop Import where I found the identification. Extra thanks to abbasite4ever forum (no longer online).

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