Filmed: Tuesday 21 - Wednesday 22 October 1980

Location: Pavillon Baltard de Nogent, Paris, France

Broadcast: Saturday 25 October 1980, 20:30-21:45, TF1, France

Release status: Unreleased

Duration: Full running time 1:12:13

Shown in: France

Additional information

ABBA performed The Winner Takes It All and Super Trouper on this show hosted by Michel Drucker.  Famous italian actress Gina Lollobrigida was also on the show.

ABBA were shown arriving at the show getting out of two cars - Agnetha and Björn in the first car and Frida and Benny in the second.

ABBA wore the pink/purple/lilac/burgundy silk suits they had first worn in the Happy New Year and Felicidad PROMOs; also worn for Show Express and that Björn had worn for Aplauso.

ABBA's performances were backed by drummer Ola Brunkert, bass player Rutger Gunnarsson and guitarist Lasse Wellander - even though the performances were to playback.

Running order of the show:

  1. Opening scene
  2. Michel Fugain - La vieille dame and Les sud-américaines
  3. Roland Magdane's sketch - Joyeux Noël
  4. Short interview with Jeanne Moreau and Anne Parillaud
  5. Marie LaforetLa Californie
  6. Gilbert Montagne - Believe in Me
  7. Interview with Gina Lollobrigida
  8. ABBA - The Winner Takes It All and Super Trouper 
  9. Closing scene

There appeared to be two different rehearsal days.  Here's one and here's the other.

ABBA wore the pink/purple/lilac/burgundy silk suits they had first worn in the Felicidad and Happy New Year PROMOs as well as for Show Express and that Björn had worn for Aplauso.  

Click here for a TV listing from Nouvelliste - 25 October 1980, p.13.

Lyrics available on the Official ABBA site: The Winner Takes It All and Super Trouper

Archive data:
Ina Number: CPA80052509
Programme Title: Stars:émission of October 25th, 1980
Collection Title: STARS
Credits: Fugain, Michel ; Magdane, Roland ; Laforêt, Marie ; Montagne, Gilbert ; Abba ; Moreau, Jeanne ; Parillaud, Anne ; Hinault, Bernard ; Lollobrigida, Gina
First broadcast Date: 25/10/1980
Running-time: 01:11:55
Summary: The stars meet themselves this evening in the baltard detached house(flag) of Nogent. Michel FUGAIN opens the evening with a potpourri of his successes ( the old lady , the South American ). Roland MAGDANE in his sketch merry Christmas . Jeanne MOREAU and Anne PARILLAUD speak about their roles of mother and girl in Françoise DORIN's piece(room, play) the brainwashing . Marie LAFORET sings California accompanied in the piano by Gilbert MONTAGNE who interprets then believe in me . Gina LOLLOBRIGIDA is welcomed as a professional photographer who exposes(explains) to the carnavalet museum.
The Swedish group Abba interprets tea to winner takes it all .
Category Information
Type of Archive: non theme-based archive
Type of Collection: Production
Type of Documentary Note: Isolated note
Genre: Original drama
Themes: Variety shows
Broadcasting Information
First broadcast Date: 25/10/1980
Channel: 1st channel
Channel Name: Télé Française 1
Technical Information
Status of Equipment: digitised

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