Filmed: Wednesday 20 August 1975

Location: Bremen, Germany

Broadcast: Wednesday 20 August 1975, Germany

Release status: See below

Duration: 3.5 minutes

Shown in: Germany

Additional information

Musikladen = Music Store

Episode 20

This (live vocal) performance of SOS was included in the 1976 Musikladen (The Best of ABBA) programme.

Other guests on this show were:

  1. 10cc - I'm Mot in Love
  2. Bay City Rollers - Give a Little Love
  3. Johnny Nash - Tears on my Pillow
  4. The Rubettes - Foe-dee-oh-dee
  5. The Cats - Like a Spanish Song
  6. Paper Lace - So What I Am
  7. ABBA - SOS
  8. Roger Glover - Love is All
  9. Creedence Clearwater Rivival - Proud Mary
  10. The Seekers - Sparrow Song and Break These Chains

Available via a bootleg DVD Blue For You with Olivia! (Note: The DVD is NTSC format.  I've heard the quality of Musikladen is "OK" and the quality of Olivia! is "fair/bad").

This Musikladen programme was released by ARD in August 2010 on their 1972-1976 Best of DVD box set of 10 DVDs (there were three available at 99.95 Euros each or 249 Euros for all three). The box set 1 included a 44-page booklet with liner notes and information about each episode and also included some pictures. For episodes 20 and 25 there are a few lines about ABBA while for episode 27 they explain how the Double LP The Very Best Of ABBA, ABBA's Greatest Hits came about. However, since November 2010, these boxes (including Box 2: 1976-1980 incl. Chiquitita (1979) and Box 3: 1981-1984 incl. solo performances) are no longer available because of copyright issues between the ARD and "a music company". According ABBA Intermezzo, in December 2010, "We have heard that fans are discussing whether it could be Universal objecting to the release of the Musikladen DVDs featuring ABBA performances. Unfortunately we can't tell you which record company is taking action against the release, but we can 100% confirm you that it's not because of the ABBA performances. A permission for this has been granted long ago."

Lyrics available on the Official ABBA site

Thank you to Henk, Walter Veldman, Jozsef, Guido and Jun Seo. Extra thanks to Robert Verbeek, Richard Knight, Luke Rogers and Grant Whittingham c/o ABBAMAIL (no longer online).
YouTube link c/o 360art

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