Die Drehscheibe

Filmed: 3-4 March 1975

Broadcast: Friday 4 April 1975, 17:40-18:20, ZDF, Germany

Shown in: Germany

Additional information

Although there is a reference on IMDb, I suspect that this is not a unique ABBA TV appearance because it's not mentioned anywhere else and it is most unlikely they went to Germany just for one TV appearance.

Most likely it was just showing a PROMO clip, but as the broadcast date is 4 April, so NOT impossible when ABBA went to The Netherlands on 3-4 March they made a short trip to Germany too – but it need to confirm yet.

Cast (in credits order):

  1. Ulrike von Möllendorff  (co-host)
  2. Gerd Mausbach (co-host)
  3. ABBA

Click here for a TV listing from Leidsch Dagblad - 4 April 1975, p5

Thanks to Jozsef

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