Melodifestival (FRIDA)

Filmed: Saturday 1 March 1969

Location: Cirkus Theatre, Djurgården, Stockholm, Sweden

Broadcast: Saturday 1 March 1969, LIVE on SVT, 22:25-24:00, Sweden

Release status: This programme has not been included on any officially released video or DVD

Shown in: Sweden

Additional information

In the late 1960s and early 1970s the contest was called Melodifestival (Melody Festival) but these days it is more known as Melodifestivalen (The Melody Festival).

Frida entered the 1969 Melodifestival with Härlig är vår jord (Our Earth is Wonderful). Benny was in the audience. The event was hosted by Pekka Langer. Tommy Körberg ended up winning the contest with Judy man vän which had actually tied with Benny's composition Hej clown, sung by Jan Malmsjo.

Only an audio recording exists of this performance (see VIDEO section). There is absolutely no footage in the Swedish TV archives.

Final positions and points:

1. Judy min vän - Tommy Körberg (54 points)
2. Hej Clown - Jan Malmsjo (45 points)
3. Gång på gång - Sten Nilsson (13 points)
4. Härlig är vår jord - Anni-Frid Lyngstad (8 points)
5. Svenska flicka - Ann-Louise Hanson (8 points)
6. Sommarflicka - Svante Thuresson (4 points)
7. Du ger mig lust att leva - Lena Hansson (3 points)
8. Du ser mig inte - Inger Öst (1 points)
9. Du skänker mening åt mitt liv - Ola Håkansson (0 points)
10. L, som i älskar dig - Britt Bergström (0 points)

Click here for a newspaper cutting showing each of the 10 Swedish participants. Translation of text: "On 29 March it is time for Eurovision again. Before that we have the Swedish finale on March 1 and have seen the ten Swedish singers who will compete on who will represent Sweden in Madrid. Here are the artistes: On to top line: Annifrid Lyngstad, Lena Hansson, Inger Öst, Jan Malmsjo and Ola Hakansson, The bottom line: Ann-Louise Hansson, Britt Bergström, Tommy Körberg, Sten Nilsson and Svante Thuresson."

Click here for a TV guide from Arbeiderbladet - 1 March 1969, p.23.


Credits Thanks to Julian Körner, John Arild Stubberud, Carl Magnus Palm, Jozsef, Linda Fälyngsson and Robin Andersson c/o ABBAMAIL (no longer online). Pictures c/o abba4everForum, Michael Price and L Lyngstad Blog.
YouTube clip c/o inomadi100

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