Nyhetsmorgon (BENNY)

Filmed: Friday 26 October 2007

Location: Globe Arena, Stockholm, Sweden

Broadcast: Saturday 27 October 2007

Release status: Unreleased

Duration: 6.5 minutes

Shown in: Sweden

Additional information

Report about BAO!'s appearance at Globen on Friday 26 October with pre-show interviews with Benny, Tommy Körberg and Helen Sjöholm by Lasse Bengtsson.

The report also showed footage of the BAO! concert.

Benny Andersson: It’s fantastic to be here at Globen I must say. We were here at the opening, was it 20 years ago?, me and the musicians with the radio symphony and then I was here playing with U2, that was ten years ago. Since then I haven’t been here. It will be fun to have a gig of your own at Globen.

Helen Sjöholm: The joy is the combination of the music we’re playing and the gang you’re playing with. Just to see people both dance and listen, that’s very special.

Tommy Körberg: I’m so impressed because dancing for me is an organized sort of movement. I’m very impressed with people dancing well.

Lasse Bengtsson: Don’t you do that?

TK: No, dancing for me is like moving a piano. It’s totally silly, it doesn’t work. It’s a question of promille(?), give me some swigs and I’ll be dancing quite well!. It looks like I’m looking for my keys while I’m dancing as well!

HS: The cool thing is to see that as the night goes by that people start dancing no matter if they can or not and that’s the most fun.

BA: I would say that it’s more fun to play for a dancing audience than a sitting one, because you’re not alone standing for all the energy but you sharing it with the audience here. That’s the main reason and besides if you’re playing for a sitting audience you’re forced to “appear”, it feels like that….

LB: You don’t like that?

BA: No. I really like playing together with this gang but I’m not too fond of "showing".

LB: What is it like with your songs, does it continue to flow like before?

BA: I don’t know if it has ever flowed. Of course, if you’re looking back there are a lot of music over the years. But it’s many years, I’ve been on for thirty, forty years. And if you’re spreading the recording music over those years and the hours of work, then there’s no flow really.

LB: But it feels like it comes so much all the time.

BA: But it’s “simply a chimaera(?) as it’s said in the schlager music. It’s three years since we made an album and now here comes a new one with twelve songs on it. That’s about how long time it takes to put together twelve songs for this band. Then I’ve been doing other things during this time. I’m not sitting all days trying to write music. But there’s no flow.

LB: How do you feel when you’re feeling this is right. Describe this feeling. Can you do that?

BA: You can’t do that. The only time I’m feeling that I can describe what I’m actually doing is when I have finished something that I think is good. But then I’m all alone. But I’m sharing this good feeling with myself and trying to remember it through all the process until the record is finished or the play is set up or whatever. That’s what it’s all about to find your way to something that you thing is incredible good and hasn’t heard before.

LB: Something that is for eternity in a way ?

BA: No, you can’t have such demands on what you’re dong, and then you could not be doing anything. If you’re listening to Johan Sebastian or Handel you can say there’s no reason trying to write music when it already exists. But that’s not really true…I won’t say that I’m a successor of them, because it’s fun, because I’m having an orchestra now and since there might be a project in the future that need music, then it’s reason.

LB: I understand you’re listening a lot to classical music. Is that what you’re listening to most lately ?

BA: Yes, almost only, that what it has been like the past twenty-thirty years. I don’t know why, but it’s like an ocean to pour from and it never ends.

LB: Do you start to get critical towards the society? You’re attack the docu soaps.

BA: Not in anyway, it’s a fun song. As Björn said “what shall I write for his one, what kind of song is that? You can’t write any lyric for this one”. I said you got to try to find something and then he called me and asked “what do you think of  Bonde söker fru?” I said why not. You got to speak to him about it but I think it’s rather fun.

LB: Does the lyrics get more important to the orchestra?

BA: I think that the older you get, the more important the lyrics get. You can’t just have any lyric, that doesn’t work. It works if you’re twenty and makes pop music then it’s not that important. But over the years, if the lyrics are good then the are important and if they doesn’t make sense…that’s what someone else can deal with. I’m trying, and Björn does that too, to put some work into it.

LB: For how long will you go on playing, do you got any time limit?

BA: No. Maybe you should have that, I don’t know. I think I’m the oldest in this band, so as long as I can manage I think the others can. We’re playing together so seldom so every time we meet and having some gigs it’s a delight. That what it has been like so far and we will try to keep it this way. Everybody got their projects; Helen and Tommy are constantly working, three of the guys are in symphony orchestras, so it’s hard to get everybody together on the same date if you’re not planning in good time. So we will continue, I don’t know how long. As long as it’s fun.

LB: Is it something extraordinary for you as singers to do something like this?

TK: To sing in a danceband is something you don’t do to many times in life…not in this way.

Thanks to Malin Westerberg and also for the translation.

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