Restored ABBA - The Movie (BENNY & FRIDA)

Filmed: Tuesday 2 December 2003

Broadcast: TV4, Sweden

Release status: Unreleased

Duration: 1:54

Shown in: Sweden

Additional information

Frida was interviewed about the showing of the restored ABBA - The Movie which was also attended by Benny and Görel Hanser.

Voiceover: It has been 26 years since Lasse Hallström made the movie ABBA - The Movie. Now the film will be shown again and it's a new, restored version. Tonight there was a special showing with ABBA members present.
Frida: Well, it's both strange and exciting of course. There has been some time since we made this movie. But I think it's fantastic that the Swedish Film Institute takes good care of these old - well I guess I can't call our movie *that* old - but it's important what they do, "renovating" the movies so they can be preserved the way they were.
Voiceover: The Swedish Film Institute has restored Lasse Hallström's movie ABBA - The Movie. 1977 it was shown in mono, now it's a surround stereo version that's being shown. The new version will be shown twice in Stockholm in December and one time each in Gothenburg and Malmö in January. The DVD will be released in 2005, even though ABBA has their 30th anniversary next year.
Frida: I don't attend big gatherings very often nowadays, especially not events that have connections to ABBA. Not that there are very many.
Reporter: So now ABBA is also a part of the film history...
Frida: I haven't had time to reflect over that yet. I have to digest it first. But naturally I think it's wonderful that we are a part of it too. It makes me think of how it was when we first started and no-one accepted us anywhere because of the left-wing music movement was so strong. But eventually we have gotten accepted in all institutions. I think that feels very good.
Reporter: So it was you who won in the end, one could say?
Frida: Yes, in a way, it feels like a good victory.

Thanks to, Jozsef and to Micke Andersson for the transcription/translation.

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