Grammisgalan 1997 (BENNY & BJÖRN)

Filmed: Monday 17 February 1997

Location: Cirkus, Stockholm, Sweden

Release status: Unreleased

Shown in: Sweden

Additional information

Benny won composer of the year and Benny & Björn won the award for Best Album (both awards for Kristina Från Duvemala).  As Benny accepted his award, a shot of the audience shows Benny looking out at Björn, Ludvig (Benny's younger son), Peter (his older son), Nanne (Peter's wife and Benny's daughter-in-law) and Maria Rådsten who, with Peter and Nanne were in the group One More Time.

Benny and Björn's award was presented by Joey Tempest from Europe.

Peter Jöback sang Guldet Blev Till Sand and the Dansbandorkester performed a live version of Thank You For The Music. The "band" were made up of Charlotte Nilsson, Kikki Danielsson, Sten Nilsson and Lotta Engberg.

Thanks to Kenneth Holm, Julian Körner and Pam Alvarado.
YouTube link c/o Rosa Mannen and woutch

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