Good Morning Finland - Musa Boxi (FRIDA)

Filmed: Monday 2 December 1996

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Broadcast: MTV3, Finland

Release status: Unreleased

Duration: 5:08

Shown in: Finland

Additional information

Fan Ulla Sahlberg interviewed Frida during her promotional visit to Finland.

The interview was in Swedish with Finnish subtitles.

During the interview some snippets of the Även en blomma PROMO and rehearsal performance for Framtid för barn were shown.

Ulla remembers: "Once I heard Frida would be promoting Djupa andetag in Finland, I contacted someone I knew working at the MTV3 channel, and wondered just generally if they were planning to cover Frida´s visit. Then, a couple of weeks later, a journalist contacted me, having heard my wish to meet Frida, and she wanted to interview me, and make a clip for the Good Morning Finland - Music Box section. I never thought my wish would be listened to, but it was, and on that cold December day in 1996, I went to Helsinki, met the journalist, met Frida at a hotel room for the meeting. The fourth last frame says "The happiest day of a loyal fan", and that about sums it up, really!"

Thanks to, Ulla Riihinen (née Sahlberg) and Jozsef.

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