Thommy's Pop-Show

Filmed: Thursday 11 November 1982

Location: Germany

Broadcast: Saturday 27 November, ZDF, Germany

Release status: Unreleased

Duration: 2:35 interview (full show is 42:51)

Shown in: Germany

Additional information

Thommy's Pop-Show started on 27 November 1982 on ZDF and ran for just one year, finishing on 3 December 1983 and consisted of 9 episodes and 2 Specials. Presenter Tommy Gottschalk showed the newest clips and always invited current performers onto his programme.

ABBA gave a brief interview to host Tommy Gottschalk which was dubbed over in German and was followed by The Day Before You Came PROMO.

Running order of this episode:

  1. Supertramp - It's Raining Again
  2. Nazareth - Dream On
  3. Paul McCartney - Tug of War
  4. Survivor - Eye of the Tiger
  5. Madness - Our House *
  6. Depeche Mode - Leave in Silence *
  7. Cold Chisel - Forever now *
  8. Chicago - Hard to Say I'm Sorry
  9. Yazoo - Dont Go
  10. Dexy's Midnight Runners - Come on Eileen
  11. ABBA interview
  12. ABBA - The Day Before You Came (PROMO)
  13. Haysi Fantayzee - John Wayne is Big Leggy
  14. F.R. David - Words

= competiton of "Unterwegs" (what does this mean?)

Odd body language from Benny (hands behind back), Frida (folded arms - unusual for her) and Agnetha who doesn't know what to do with her hands.  Only Björn seems relaxed.

Thomas Gottschalk: But now ABBA's coming, but before ABBA's coming I came to ABBA. They gave me an interview and the first question I was interested in was: why for heaven's sake did Frida has cut her nice long hair?

Frida: That I cut my hair I did, because I've had my hair for such a long time. I had it like that for 5 or 6 years and just wanted to change it

TG: By the way, Björn thinks she looks nice and Benny says too that she actually looks nice. My question to the gentlemen: the ladies now have - together with Phil Collins or Agnetha with a Swedish colleague - big solo success. Would the guys also would like to work together with Diana Ross perhaps or Olivia Newton-John? Are there any plans?

Björn: No, but in fact we are beginning to do something different right now together with Tim Rice, Diana Ross has nothing to do with it. Tim Rice is the author of Evita and Jesus Christ Superstar. We will write a musical together with him.

TG: As we know, at the beginning of the career ABBA was consisting of two happy couples which has changed meanwhile, privately everybody goes his own ways now. Has the cooperation in music become more difficult by this?

Agnetha: It's easier, much easier to work together than before.

Benny: Why?

Agnetha: Because we look at each other as colleagues now.

Benny: Didn't we do that before?

Agnetha: (laughs)

Frida: Yes, but it's easier now, because there are not that many emotions involved anymore. We have a relationship in work.

Björn: Now that's true. (or something similiar)

Frida: It's still emotional, but not like before. We don't argue about our private life anymore.

Agnetha: Did we? (I guess she says something like that, it's hardly understandable)

Frida: Shut up. (all laugh)

TG:  ABBA's musical style has changed several times and you were always successful with it. Aren't you at a stage now where you can relax and lay back, because people will like whatever ABBA will do?

Benny: I hope they won't. I don't know what people like about us, but I know that if we would lay back and think we could do anything and still sell records, it would be a huge mistake. And I think that it is an important part of our work that you're satisfied by writing music and giving the best you can. If we don't like it, how can we expect that anybody else do like it.

(clip of The Day Before You Came)

TG:  The Day Before You Came - ABBA's brand new single, also entered the charts very quickly, now on No. 3. Please don't ask me why, they have done much better things before, but they had much work to do lately.

Thanks to Joachim at abba4ever Forum (no longer online) for the translation

Thanks to Carl Magnus Palm, VS, Jos Heselmans and Harry Ehler for information and clarification. Extra thanks both to Jozsef and to Joachim at abba4ever Forum (no longer online).
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