Head Over Heels PROMO

Filmed: Thursday 21 January 1982

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Release status: Released on The Definitive Collection

Shown in: Worldwide

Additional information

Directed by Lasse Hallström.

It was a bit weird seeing Björn without his beard after he'd premiered it in the One of Us PROMO at the end of 1981.

This was widely filmed in central Stockholm:

  1. Frida ran across the crossroads of Kungsgatan and Sveavägen (you can see the Konserthuset in the background)
  2. Frida ran up and down the stairs joining Kungsgatan and Malmskillnadsgatan
  3. Frida and Björn loaded with shopping walked along Hamngatan outside department store NK;
  4. Frida slipped in the doorway of 35 Kungsgatan (opposite the steps)
  5. The studio shots were done at Svenskfilmindustri Film Studios in Gröndal near Stockholm, Sweden.

Frida wore a range of outfits for the PROMO.  The following information and/or quotes either came from International ABBA Magazines No.7 and No.9 (their article ... and Frida is wearing ...), or From ABBA To Mamma Mia! or Bright Lights, Dark Shadows, both by Carl Magnus Palm.

Frida said, "All the clothes you are seeing I have borrowed from a close friend of mine. Her name is Lillebil Ankarcrona* and she has done a superb job in choosing exactly the clothes that suit my taste and maybe broaden it a little. They all had to do with the woman I was playing, not with me."

  1. Gold lamé
    Back to designer clothes with this high fashion skirt and shirt from the centre of the fashion world, Paris.  It's by Remi ....  A pink spotlight on the top adds highlights which reflect the flame streaks in Frida's hair to make a stunning picture.
  2. Black and gold outfit with hat with a veil
    This is not a designed outfit but a collection of different old and new clothes thrown together with true style. The sweater top is by someone called 'Kansai' and feature shawl and frieze patterns based on Arabic calligraphy. The 'skirt' is actually two black petticoats that are over twenty years old (in 1982).  The gauze hat is from Frida's own wardrobe, something she picked up during a trip to New York. Yet from all those differnt sources all Frida needs to do is strike up a 'Flamenco' post and the outfit becomes toally Spanish in flavour. "I love to wear hats but it isn't in fashion to do so. it is a great shame because this one is my favourite. It's beautiful."
  3. Pink wide-skirt and neck ruff
    The wide flowing skirt is made of tulle (silk) with silver sequins. The collar is also tulle but doesn't go with the outfit - a little bit of Frida improvisation there. Frida's holding a matching shirt and the whole outfit was created by her friend Lillebil.
  4. White flowing dress with straw hat
    Another Paris design by Philippe Salvet although the inspiriation for it must be turn-of-the-century. Frida's fondess for hats has enhanced the country flavour. "When Lillebil had her birthday I bought the straw hat and decorated it with flowers. I think it is a beautiful accessory now, although I didn't actually wear it in this picutre I did for her party."
  5. Short, strapless, red dress
    Frida is wearing a fantastic creation by Swedish designer Christine Bergselje. This red dress is made from lacquered chintz and is matched with red stockings and gold shoes.  "I was a little doubtful about this dress," says Frida. "I don't often wear either dresses or skirts and the colour of this one is far too bright for me normally. Red usually makes me look too hard I think, but this creation really is stunning."
  6. Green/gold trouser suit and feathery scarf
    How classy can you get with gold check on the green background Frida wears green stockings to match the suit and reddy brown ostrich feathers to match her hair.
  7. Cerise dress with little light blue hat
  8. Blue dress with gold embroidery. This one did not make it into the final vesion of the PROMO.  Frida said, "It is a nice evening dress, in blue and gold embrodery, but quite conventional compared to some of the others that I wore for the video. So, to make it really stand out I made the best of the plunging cut out at the back.  It is a bit daring but that's why I like it!".

* Lillebil Ankacrona was the common-law wife of ABBA album sleeve designer Rune Söderqvist. She just happened to be the sister of one Mona Nörklit. It was reportedly at her 40th birthday party in Autumn 1980 that things clicked between Mona and Benny.

It looks like Frida's red fur coat made another appearance here - the same one she wore in the Chiquitita PROMO.

Lyrics available on the Official ABBA site

Some information from International ABBA Magazines No.7 and No.9.  Thanks to Richard Knight c/o ABBAMAIL (no longer online) and The ABBA Guide To Stockholm by Sara Russell.
Frida's 'other' dress photo c/o From ABBA To Mamma Mia! by Carl Magnus Palm and Anders Hanser. Thanks also to Bright Lights, Dark Shadows by Carl Magnus Palm.
YouTube clip c/o AbbaVEVO


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