Filmed: Wednesday 14 February - Sunday 18 February 1979

Location: Leysin, Switzerland

Broadcast: Friday 23 February 1979, 18:00-18:45, SRF, Switzerland

Release status: This programme has not been included on any officially released video or DVD

Duration: 8:21 (ABBA bits 3-4 minutes)

Shown in: Switzerland

Additional information

Karussell was a 45-minute long information and service program, produced and broadcast by Switzerland's public channel SRF, between 5 April 1977 and 10 June 1988.

The host for this episode was Kurt Schaad. It featured a report called BBC in Leysin and consisted of footage of ABBA's visit to Switzerland including their arrival, a promotional message for ABBA in Switzerland, the press conference, ski-ing and interviews. It also included rehearsals of Lovers (Live a Little Longer) and Kisses of Fire.

There was also footage of The Jacksons and Boney M who both also featured in the other programmes made at the same time - Disco in the Snow and ABBA Snowtime.

The press conference seemed to largely concentrate on Agnetha and Björn's recent divorce announcement.

The narration was in Swiss-German.

Click here for a TV listing from Walliser Bote - 23 February 1979, p.8.

Thanks to Neil Barber, Jozsef, Harry Ehler, Eric Langner, Stuart Kerry, and Richard Knight.
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