That's Me PROMO

Filmed: Summer 1977

Location: Viggsö, Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden

Release status: See below

Shown in: Worldwide

Additional information

This little PROMO clip was mainly fimed in summer 1977.  The promo video includes parts originally filmed (and mostly unused) from the Money, Money, MoneyKnowing Me, Knowing You; Bang-A-Boomerang  PROMOS with an bird (though not an eagle or a dove) thrown in for good measure (note this is probably unrelated to the Eagle video as that wasn't filmed until early 1978 - but could well have been filmed in Viggsö or a bird flying overhead!).

It was probably made for the Japanese market as that's the only region where That's Me was released as a single.

It first showed up on the More ABBA Gold video release and was released on the DVD The Definitive Collection.

Here's a GIF of the only moment that you see all of ABBA in one shot.


Thanks to Stuart Kerry.

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