ABBA In Sweden

Filmed: July 1976

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Broadcast: See below

Release status: This programme has not been included on any officially released video or DVD

Shown in: Australia

Additional information

ABBA were interviewed in July 1976 on an old fishing boat and walking along Strandvägen in a sunny Stockholm city centre by Ian "Molly" Meldrum in a Network 7 production. The show wasn't broadcast until a few months later thus enabling it to include a clip of new song Money, Money, Money yet to be filmed for the programme ABBA-dabba-dooo!!. 

ABBA talked about how they met, songwriting, the songs on the forthcoming Arrival album and their plans to tour Australia.

Manager Stig Anderson was also interviewed at Polar Music and you see a quick clip of him and Görel working together. Swedish DJ Ulf Elfving was also briefly interviewed along with a record shop owner. (Note: Ulf Elfving interviewed ABBA for the 1976 five-part radio series A för Agnetha, B för Benny, etc. He is also the voice heard interviewing Agnetha when she entered Svensktoppen for the first time, as featured on the Introduktion track on "My Love, My Life" and the De första åren box set).

ABBA's nterview was intermingled with clips:

  1. Money, Money, Money (from ABBA-dabba-dooo!!)
  2. Interview - ABBA
  3. Waterloo (from The Best of ABBA (Musikladen Extra))
  4. Interview with Swedish DJ Ulf Elfving
  5. Interview - ABBA
  6. Interview with Stig Anderson
  7. Honey Honey (from The Best of ABBA (Musikladen Extra))
  8. Interview - record shop owner
  9. Interview - ABBA
  10. Mamma Mia (from The Best of ABBA (Musikladen Extra))
  11. SOS (from Musikladen)
  12. Interview Stig Anderson
  13. Interview - ABBA
  14. Rock Me (from The Best of ABBA (Musikladen Extra))
  15. Interview Stig Anderson
  16. Interview - ABBA
  17. Dancing Queen (from The Best of ABBA (Musikladen Extra))
  18. Interview - ABBA
  19. Fernando (from The Best of ABBA (Musikladen Extra))
  20. Interview - ABBA
  21. Money, Money, Money (from ABBA-dabba-dooo!!) for a second time!
  22. Interview - ABBA

Broadcast Information

According to Carl Magnus Palm
Sunday 17 October 1976, 19:30-20:30, Network 7, Australia - according to CMP

According to Jozsef
This Network 7 programme was broadcast in Australia at exactly the same time as Channel 9 showed ABBA-dabba-dooo!! (re-titled ABBA From the Beginning). The performance of Money Money Money was shown twice in the programme - which was a big coup for Channel 7 to debut ABBA's new single before their rivals, Channel 9, who broadcast ABBA-dabba-dooo!!.

The following day (Thursday 28 October 1976 at 19:00-19:30), Channel 9 showed the Made in Sweden - For Export programme.

Click here for a TV listing from The Canberra Times - 22 October 1976, p.23, listing the next week's TV guide.  ABBA in Sweden was broadcast on Wednesday 27 October at 19:30-20:30 on Channel 7.

Thanks to Philip Muytjens for broadcast information and thanks to Carl Magnus Palm for information.
Extra thanks to Jozsef.
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