Filmed: Sunday 3 November 1974

Location: Vienna, Austria

Broadcast: Sunday 24 November 1974, 16:35-17:25, ORF1, Austria

Release status: See below

Duration: 50:07 minutes (whole programme); ABBA songs 5:50

Shown in: Austria

Additional information

Spotlight was a monthly TV show for teenagers on channel ORF1 (Österreichischer Rundfunk), co-production with Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRG). This TV music series focussed on music with local and national live guests & videos and was 50 minutes long.  From 1968 to 1978 the programme was hosted by popular bearded Austrian TV presenter Peter Rapp.

ABBA performed Honey Honey and So Long to playback. The Honey Honey clip was, for a long time, considered to be the PROMO for the song when in fact none was actually made.

Björn looks like he's wearing pyjamas in this programme!

The performance of Honey Honey would appear to be quite unique in that (unless you can think of any others), this is the only performance where you never seen ABBA performing as a group of four ... the filming of the clip only shows Benny/Björn or Agnetha/Frida.

Running order of this episode:

  1. Robert Stanley + The VIPs - She's A Good Woman
  2. Jam session
  3. Adi Stassler - I wüll, aber I trau mi net
  4. Wilfried - Lauf Hase Lauf
  5. Wilfried interview (About His Voice)
  6. ABBA - Honey Honey
  7. Wolfgang Kratzer - Sonate Betetic Opus 13
  8. Wilfried - Mein Votan Sei Haus Is Mit Hawernstroh
  9. ABBA - So Long
  10. Soul Brothers Six - Dance To The Music
  11. Georg Danzer - Kann denn Liebe Sünde sein
  12. Robert Stanley + The VIPs - Goodbye Farewell
  13. Soul Brothers Six - I Feel Good

So Long was also broadcast on Hymyilevä prinsessa Frida on 8 January 1997, YLE, Finland.

Honey Honey was been released on the DVD ABBA - Waterloo Deluxe Edition on 6 April 2014.

Click here for TV listing from Die Tat - Friday, 22 Nov 1974, p18

Lyrics available on the Official ABBA site: Honey Honey and So Long

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