Spanish TV (BJÖRN)

Filmed: September-October 1964

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Broadcast: LIVE (during programa de sobremesa), October 1964, RTVE, Spain

Release status: Unreleased

Shown in: Spain

Additional information

From the end of September until mid-October 1964 The Hootenanny Singers spent two weeks in Spain on holiday, at which time they also appeared on a television programme.

Among the numbers performed was La Mamma which was co-written by French singer Charles Aznavour.

It was broadcast in live "during the siesta” sometime in the afternoon 13:00-16:00 in the period called (in that time) on RTVE programa de sobremesa.

When Archivo RTVE were asked about whether this programme exists in their achives they said, "We do not have information on this performance in our databases. It may not have been preserved. We are sorry."

Looking through the Spanish TV guide day-by-day from 25 September to 23 November 1964, their name was not listed separately. Possible program titles which may have contained their songs are Discorama, Telediario, and we suspect that as it was a live broadcast, it was not saved by RTVE.


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Thanks to Carl Magnus Palm.

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