Linnaeus University Akademisk högtid 2015 (BJÖRN)

Filmed: Friday 22 May 2015

Location: Växjö Concert Hall, Växjö, Sweden

Release status: Unreleased

Shown in: Sweden

Additional information

Linnaeus University Akademisk högtid 2015 = Linnaeus University Academic festival 2015

Björn Ulvaeus was one of five new honorary doctorates at Linnaeus University. The Economics School appointed Björn to "Philosophy Doctor Honorary Causa", ie Honorary Doctor, at Linnaeus University.

Through his appointment, the School of Economics wished to honor him for his innovative artistry, which attracted many people with a multitude of backgrounds for joy and benefit. They highlighted his creative entrepreneurship in music, culture and experience.

In addition, the motivation stated: "Ulvaeus has a community commitment which, with the emphasis on science, marks humanistic values. He also has a creation, as tender and powerful to sweet tones, highlighting important cultural values ​​and human contexts."

As he was given his doctorate, the following rhyme was recited (which sounds like it is based on the lyrics to Hey Hey Helen):

Hey Hey Ulvaeus
Now you live with us
Hey hey Ulvaeus
you can't make it alone
So you are a doctor at last
Don´t make it forget your past
Hope it makes you glad
Hey hey Doctor.

Then he was handed a hat, something else (can't understand the Swedish) and a diploma.

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