Filmed: Approx. 22-23 December 1987

Location: Studio 1, Filmhuset, Stockholm, Sweden

Release status: Unreleased (although a Deluxe Edition of I Stand Alone is being planned)

Duration: 4 minutes approx.

Shown in: Europe

Additional information

Agnetha looking at her most un-Agnetha-like with a video of simple special effects.  The PROMO video had her standing in a room of furniture with a young blonde man draping himself over her every now and then.  

The male model was 21 year old Swede Alexander Arnewid. The production team who made the video had been flown in to Stockholm, but before they went there, they had been looking for a guy in the US to play the part in the video. But supposedly they couldn't find one (which is strange since there must have been plenty of good-looking guys in the US!). So they looked for someone in Sweden and eventually they decided Alexander was the right man for the job (Agnetha herself was involved with making the final decision).

This is what Alexander had to say about working with Agnetha: "Agnetha was wonderful to work with and she smelled so good. The name of her perfume was Chock. She is a wonderful woman and we sat in the make up room together and ate rolls (buns) that her mother had baked."

Sadly Alexander died in 2000.

The special effects took the form of things 'crashing' or dropping onto the screen eg. glasses, flowers, photos, plates, lampshades, bottles, cups of coffee and TV sets.  An alternative version features a different shot towards the end (more Alexsander) and ABBA albums crashing around Agnetha

The director was Marcello Ansiano.

Thanks to Claes Davidsson c/o ABBAMAIL (no longer online) for the information about the model. Extra thanks to Pascale Ranson c/o ABBA Village.  And thanks to Alex Jones, Lee Gale, Lex Corbach, Frank de Ruijter, Steve Ballinger, Mike Dudley c/o ABBAtalk.
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