Filmed: Friday 21 September 1979 and early 1980

Location: Anaheim Convention Centre, California, USA & Polar Music Studio, Stockholm

Broadcast: Thursday 20 March 1980, 22:00, ABC, USA

Release status: This programme has not been included on any officially released video or DVD

Shown in: USA

Additional information

20/20 is ABC's oldest newsmagazine that has been broadcast since 6 June 1978. The hour-long programme has been a staple of Friday evenings. It was presented on a once-a-month basis before acquiring a regular timeslot on Thursdays at 22:00.

Season 2, Episode ?

Pierre Salinger (former Press Secretary to President John F Kennedy) interviewed Stig Anderson in Stockholm and we saw ABBA at sound checks/rehearsals, in make-up and in concert on their 1979 tour.

ABBA were also briefly interviewed back at Polar Music Studios and sang a little bit of Thank You For The Music live at the end but it's pretty half-hearted!

The producer was Nola Safro.

Holy Merchandising Batman! It's none other than Burt Ward, the boy wonder!

Thanks to Jozsef, Patrick Smith, Dario Brigmann, Steve Layton, Pascale Ranson, Neil Barber, Erik Liebstaedter, Philip Muytjens, Evelyn Nuyens and Jun Seo
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