Gå på vattnet om du kan

Filmed: Saturday 3 - Monday 5 February 1979

Location: Spain (masquerading as the Argentian landscape)

Duration: 100 minutes. Frida's part is less than 3 minutes long (and is about 55 minutes into the film)

Shown in: Sweden

Additional information

Gå på vattnet om du kan = Walk On Water If You Can

This was Frida's chance to act in a "proper" film after ABBA - The Movie. She played the part of a bored housewife called Anna.

The film was shot in Spain, supposedly reminiscent of the Argentinean landscape where the film was set.

Directed by Stig Bjorkman, the film surrounded the character of Orlanda, played by Swedish actress Lena Numan, a student nurse at the University of Stockholm who meets Anders (Tomas Ponten), a Swedish Diplomat in Argentina and falls in love with him. Orlanda then travels to Argentina several weeks later to see him, not realising that he has a wife (Frida).

The film, written by Sun Axelsson and produced by Anna-Lena Wibom, also starred Norman Briski, Ernst Guenther, Claire Wikholm and Toni Valente.

The music in the film, written by Violeta Parra was a Swedish version of Gracias, La Vida called Jag Vill Tacka Livet (I Want To Thank Life). Its Swedish lyrics were written by a certain Brita Ähman.

The film premiered on Monday 17 September 1979 at the Festival Cinema, Stockholm (Frida was performing on stage live with ABBA at the Seattle Arena, USA that day).

The film was shown on Swedish TV on TV1 on Sunday 30 September 1982 and again in 1999.

Frida on her appearance in the film:
"Although it's a small part, I feel it could lead to better things, but I've no intention of abandoning my singing career I was very pleased to appear in a truly dramatic film. When I heard that the film was being produced by the Swedish Film Institute, I asked for a part. I enjoyed the break from ABBA, but I'd never forsake the group for a film career."

Information from ABBA Report, Issue 18. Thanks to Robin Andersson.
YouTube link c/o SADLOOKINM00N

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