Gäst Hos Hagge

Filmed: late Jan/early Feb

Location: Stockholm, presumably

Broadcast: 3 February 1979, Sweden

Release status: This programme has not been included on any officially released video or DVD

Duration: 3:34

Shown in: Sweden

Additional information

Gäst hos Hagge = Guest at Hagge's

Gäst hos Hagge
 was a television series from Gothenburg hosted by witty and charming Hagge Geigert which ran from 30 May 1975 to 1991 with a total of 85 programmes.

Hagge Geigert had a short interview with Stig Anderson and then ABBA sent individual funny messages to Stig one by one. Stig had tears in his eys at the messages and later peformed his song Tivedshambo.

This clip has obviously been broadcast on another programme - possibly another Gäst Hos Hagge programme - because some fan footage shows the clip with the original brown/orange set behind Stig and then changing to a blue background set.

There are also sub-titles on some of the fan footage circulating.  One fan offers this explanation: "The subtitles in the first and the last screen captures (above) are in Swedish, which is quite strange, since Hagge's interview with Stig was in Swedish. However, the subtitles appear in different colours which could indicate the subtitles were meant for those with impaired hearing and those subtitles could have been set via teletext as the font looks very much teletext-like."


Another fan adds: "It is often so in the Scandinavian countries that programmes that are being re-run (usually on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon or late evening) have subtitles added to them - almost as a standard procedure - to accomodate the hearing-impaired. So perhaps the pictures are from a re-un of the programme? Swedish TV (SVT) is very good at showing reruns 2 or 3 times of a new self-produced programme (like Allsång På Skansen for example) which they then switch between the two national stations within a span of 7-14 days after the original showing."

Hagge: How do you think those four persons will describe you?

Stig: Well, I don't know, but......

Hagge: You'll get to know now.

Stig: Aha - how cool!

Benny: This was going to be kept as a secret, but WE discovered Stikkan - not the other way round. He was poor so we leant him some money for paper and pens. We dictated a lyric for him called Waterloo and bought him a dinner jacket so he could go with us to Brighton. When we came home, we made him Managing Director.

Frida: Stikkan is extremely nice....and extremely mad! He dreams of being as good an accordion player as Benny and be allowed to join Bröderna Lindqvist (the Lindqvist brothers). He's best at hambo (Swedish dance?) and dreams about singing Tivedshambo on TV.

Björn: Stikkan is Sweden's new Sandrew. He's extremely nice and has always has a packed lunch with him on trips abroad. He doesn't pay us any salary - we have to borrow from him at a horrifying interest rate! All the money he earns he buries on Järvafältet (nature reserve outside Stockholm).

Agnetha: I'm going to tell another secret: Stikkan Anderson actually doesn't exist - it's just a signature. Behind that there's a woman called Gudrun. She has written all the lyrics and she's the boss for everything ABBA. When someone asks for Stikkan, we show a man with a moustache.........but it's only a signboard - because there's a woman behind everything.


Now Stikkan is seen shedding a tear. Afterwards he's asked to sing Tivedshambo, which he does after being presented with the lyrics.

Thanks to Jan Bach for the translation

Archive data from Swedish Madia Database:
SVT2 1979-02-03
21:37:48-22:27:44 Gäst hos Hagge.
Tablåinnehåll Gäst: Stikkan Andersson (-22:36)
År/datum 1979-02-03
Kanal SVT2
Utgivning Stockholm : SVT, TV2
Utgivningsland Sverige
Originalsystem VCR
Leverantör SVT
Digital Betacam TVK95-1170
Antal enheter 1
Arkivnummer TVK95-1170
MPEG-1 ZS_svt_svt2_1979-02-03
Filbeskrivning 1,5 Mbit/s, MPEG-1 layer 2, 48 kHz, 128 kbit/s
Arkivnummer ZS_svt_svt2_1979-02-03

Thanks to Jan Bach, Dustin, Jozsef, Steen Vogelius Pedersen, Petri Kaasalainen, Robin Andersson and Dario Briegmann
YouTube clip c/o thepiperchile

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