The Name of the Game PROMO

Filmed: 25 September 1977

Location: Björn and Agnetha's home, Lidingö, Sweden

Release status: See below

Shown in: Worldwide

Additional information

Directed, as ever, by Lasse Hallström.

ABBA were playing the Swedish version of Ludo known as Fia-Spel.  They were sitting around a kitchen table, probably to disguise the fact that Agnetha was heavily pregnant at that point.

The looks between Benny and Frida were wonderful - obviously a lot of love between them at that point. Wonderful.

An earlier "rough cut" of the clip was released to European TV without the sepia effects and was still being shown in 2003 on VH1 Europe and is also on the unofficial Video Biography Karaoke VCD Volume 1. This version has never been released on DVD.

The official PROMO has been released on the DVD ABBA The Definitive Collection.


  1. Lots of nose-touching - were they nervous or something?!
  2. In most of the shots Agnetha was seen wearing a stripy top with a light pink scarf but for just a couple of shots she was wearing a dark-coloured top with a cream scarf.

Thanks to Ian Cole and Carl Magnus Palm for information and to YJ who has eagle eyes! Thanks also to Julian Körner and Jozsef.
YouTube link c/o AbbaVEVO

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