Gala de l'ONU (Organisation des Nations Unis) - United Nations Organisation Gala part 1

Filmed Wednesday 30 May 1984
Location Geneva, Switzerland
Broadcast LIVE - Wednesday 30 May 1984 (France 3, France)
Released This programme has not been included on any officially released video or DVD
Notes The Official Reception of the United Nations Organisation in aid of ICARA II (the second International Conference on Assistance to Refugees in Africa) hosted by Guy Lux. The President of ICARA was the actor Richard Burton who said a few words

It has long been believed that Frida only sang "I Have A Dream" LIVE with a children's choir but she had already also performed "I Know There's Something Going On" (LIVE against playback) and was briefly interviewed as well.

Running order of 1st part:

1. Richard Burton's opening words

2. Angelo Branduardi - The racolta

3. Tereza Kesovija- ?

4. Tereza Kesovija - Hey height

5. Danish Royal ballet scene

6. Daniel Gelin reads one his poems in French

7. Ivry Gitlis plays on violin, Memphis Slim play on piano

8. Frida - I know there's something going on, interview

9. I have a dream (with children's choir)

10. Sainte Marie - ?

11. Sainte Marie - Cripple Creek

12. Enrico Macias - Deux ailes et trois plumes (with children's choir)

13. Enrico Macias - ? (with children's choir)


2nd part (not aired in France):

Miriam Makeba

Mireille Mathieu

A. Weissenberg plays one fugue of J.S. Bach

final scene (all stars all together)


          I Know There's Something Going On                                 I Have A Dream           

Duration 1:29:15
Watch Out For

Frida fluffs her lines in the second verse and one of the kids makes her react with a really cheeky smile.

The saga of Frida's microphone - she was handed a live microphone by one of the children in the choir as the one she had for "I Know There's Something Going On" was  'dead' and she'd handed it to Guy Lux after the interview. However, when she began to sing there was a little sound problem which sorted itself out. After the song the presenter brought back the 'dead' microphone which of course did not work!

Lyrics Click on song title for the lyrics (Frida take note!): I Know There's Something Going On; I Have A Dream
Pictures Click on thumbnail for a better view:

I Know There's Something Going On

I Have A Dream

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